'Heroes: Saving Charlie' Released Next Week
'Heroes: Saving Charlie' Released Next Week
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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While Heroes is on hiatus, fans can take pleasure in the untold love saga of Hiro Nakamura, played by Masi Oka on the television series, and Charlie Andrews, portrayed by Jayma Mays, with the release of the upcoming novel by Aury Wallington.  Based on the NBC science fiction series, Heroes: Saving Charlie is a book that claims to tell the full story of Hiro during his six months with Charlie before she was killed by Sylar (Zachary Quinto).
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Charlie was introduced to Heroes' storyline as part of Hiro and Ando's (James Kyson Lee) journey to New York.  Hiro and Ando stopped at a diner in Texas where they meet a waitress named Charlie, who recently developed powers of her own.  Later, Charlie was found murdered in the diner's storeroom with her brain removed.  Hiro went back in time in an attempt to prevent her murder but arrived six months in the past, on the day of Charlie's birthday.  Although he tried to warn her about the tragedy that will happen in the future, he ended up forming a close relationship with her instead.  Charlie eventually revealed that she has a blood clot in her brain and will die no matter what.  Unfortunately, their budding romance was cut short when Hiro inadvertently teleported back to Japan some time after he and Ando had left for the United States.  During those six months, viewers only got a brief glimpse of what happened, learning that Hiro and Charlie fell in love and that Hiro could not stop Sylar in the end.

In this book, however, viewers will learn more about Hiro and Charlie's previous love lives. Although it basically centers on the Hiro and Charlie's relationship, it also explores on the characters' nature and personalities.

According to the book's premise, Hiro, who possess the power to control time, has yet another challenge to face besides his mission for the good of humankind.  He must save the love of his life from a heartrending death that awaits her.  With his super abilities, he vows to save Charlie. On the other hand, revisiting and changing the past will most likely result in some consequences in the future.

Find out what ultimate choice Hiro will make when the power of fate rests in his hands in Heroes: Saving Charlie, which will be released on December 26.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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