'Heroes' Recap: Episode 3.23 "1961" (Page 1/3)
'Heroes' Recap: Episode 3.23 "1961" (Page 1/3)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Previously on Heroes: Something happened at Coyote Sands that haunts Angela, made Chandra Suresh scream in his sleep, and left an unknown number of dead in shallow graves that the Petrellis and Bennets are now digging up.

Back at the abandoned site, the group continues digging. Peter snaps at Nathan, and storms off from the graves. Claire follows and tries to tell him that Nathan is trying to amend for what he’s done, and he needs their support. Peter questions if Nathan has just charmed her like he does everyone else. He goes to find Angela and confronts her, asking for answers of what happened on the site. They still don’t know why they are there. She looks back…
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February 1961: A bus pulls up to the “Coyote Sands Relocation Center.” A young Angela and her sister Alice Shaw arrive with their parents. Dr. Chandra Suresh welcomes them, and tells them about the amenities (playground, dining room, game room, etc.) as they walk. Dr. Zimmerman shows the parents to their room. Angela asks why there are armed guards, and Suresh says they are to keep everyone safe. He leads a group of girls to a dorm.

It’s raining outside as the girls settle in, and a young black man walks in and introduces himself. He’s Charles Deveaux, and he’s brought a young man in glasses, Bob Bishop, and a British boy, Daniel Linderman, along to greet them. Charles is a suave and forward boy, while Daniel is a little off-putting, and Bob is flustered when Charles says Bob thinks Angela is beautiful. They just wanted to say hi, and they leave. Alice is scared and says she wants to be with their parents, but Angela comforts her, saying it’s like camp. Alice only packed books and toys, including her favorite, Alice in Wonderland. “I want to go home, Banana,” she says, reminding her high-school aged sister that prom is coming. Angela reminds Alice that the doctor said he could make her nightmares go away. And what she has is genetic so the whole family needs to deal with it. “I will always be there for you, I promise,” Angela says. “Be there for me, too.” The rain stops and the sun comes out, which they take as a good sign. The sisters grasp hands.

We return to the present. Inside one of the abandoned shacks, Angela tells Peter: “My sister, my parents, they all died here.” Now she’s afraid that history will repeat itself if they don’t settle their differences and work together to stop it. Angela tells the group that 1961 was a naïve time, and they believed that the government could cure them. So they were rounded up here. But she doesn’t know what happened, because she was lucky and escaped. Her family didn’t. Peter asks why they’re digging. She’s been dreaming about her sister being alive. Angela’s dreams are confusing, but she thinks this one means that she has to see Alice for herself, in some way, to give her a proper burial. She tells them that she helped form The Company with a vow to never let this happen again. She tried to forget, and they made everyone else forget. They did anything to keep people with abilities secret, and it worked for 50 years. But now Danko has proven resourceful. Claire asks if HRG that’s what he’s been up to, and he says yes, but he blew it. Angela says that it’s time to go back to the old methods; it’s a necessary evil. Peter tells her that she never had the right to do what she’s done. He storms out and flies off. Nathan follows, saying, “I’ll get him.”

Flashback, March 1961: Charles, Bob, and Daniel confront Angela as she runs outside after she wakes up from a nightmare. Charles says she’s not the only one with strange things happening to them. Daniel asks about a scar on her leg. He touches her and heals it. Charles tries to convince Angela that they’re rats in an experiment, but she and Bob think they’re freaks, and the program will help them be normal. Charles tells them they’re blind, and reminds that America has had internment camps before. He asks about her nightmare. Angela says the dreams are not always right, but he asks her to believe, and stop being afraid. She finally says “Dr. Suresh. Don’t trust him.” Alice comes out and asks what they’re talking about. Angela says nothing and goes back inside. The girls get in bed. I heard what you were saying, Alice says. Angela says the boys just have overactive imaginations. Alice reminds Angela of the time back home when she got in trouble and had her TV viewing taken away for the night, and says she smashed her dad’s car. “I think I can control the weather,” Alice says. They look outside and it begins to snow. “Is Dr. Suresh going to come for me?” she asks.

Back in the present: Claire asks Angela why she didn’t tell her sons about her sister. “I want to help you,” Claire says, but Angela says that she was not the confident, strong teenager that Claire is. Claire admits she has her own doubts. Angela thinks that if she had been stronger, maybe things would be different. “Did you ever do something so shameful you think if you talk about it you might never stop crying?” she asks Claire. Just then, an intense windstorm hits, and Angela jumps up: it’s her, it’s Alice. Angela runs outside and yells for Alice, and Claire tells her to get back inside.

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