Heroes: Episode 2.8 "Four Months Ago" Preview Clips
Heroes: Episode 2.8 "Four Months Ago" Preview Clips
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Heroes is finally good again, and after last week's not-so-stunning, but still pretty cool revelation that Kensei (David Anders) is Adam Monroe, things are moving forward. So of course, it's the perfect time for a flashback episode!

All kidding aside, this could actually be a good thing, as flashbacks seem to answer more questions on Heroes than anything they could do in the present. How did Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) get from flying into the air and exploding to being a shirtless amnesiac in an Irish storage container? Who are Elle (Kristen Bell) and Adam Monroe? For a preview and some video clips of this Monday's episode, “Four Months Ago,” continue reading.

The episode goes back to the immediate aftermath of the events at Kirby Plaza in the first season finale, and tells the story of what happened between that moment and the start of this season. While the adventures of Monica (Dana Davis), Maya (Dania Ramirez) and Alejandro may not excite anyone, the sole reason to get pumped is Peter. As an amnesiac, not only are we in the dark about what happened to him, but he is as well.

Think about all the questions we have: How did he not die in the explosion? How did he get to Ireland? What is Elle's connection to him? What happened to his shirt (and is it the same thing that happened to all of Matthew McConaughey's shirts)? And, perhaps most importantly, who cut his hair?

Based on these preview clips of the new episode, some of these questions definitely get answered. First up is a powwow between Peter, Elle and Bob at Company headquarters. It clearly takes place soon after the explosion, due to the fact that Peter's hair is back to its longer state. Kristen Bell is especially great at playing a smiling villain, happily going on about how it's all Peter's fault his brother is almost dead. The final line of the scene raises far more questions than it answers, because the implication is that Peter was injected with the Shanti Virus, though we obviously know that his powers aren't exactly gone. Was he cured by Mohinder's blood? Is there a secondary cure? In the last episode, Bob claimed Claire was the key? But Adam Monroe also has the ability to heal and regenerate, so perhaps he also possesses a cure.

In the second clip, Bob shows up yet again, this time to convince Niki to get help and join the Company. It takes place in the hospital the day after the events at Kirby Plaza, and we learn that a giant explosion in the sky and the death of the infamous Mr. Linderman have both been kept quiet. Bob is good. He's very good.

Based on these two clips, not only will we get answers, but also plenty of Bob. I've said it before, Bob is quickly becoming my favorite Heroes cast member. All of his actions indicate he's basically on the side of good, but there's something so sinister about everything he does. Stephen Tobolowsky has been delivering great smaller performances for years, and it's good to see this brilliant character actor is finally getting a chance to shine on national TV.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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