Heroes: Episode 2.5 "Fight or Flight" Spoiler Clips - Kristen Bell in Action
Heroes: Episode 2.5 "Fight or Flight" Spoiler Clips - Kristen Bell in Action
The actress perhaps best known as Veronica Mars, Kristen Bell, makes her much-anticipated debut on Heroes tonight.  Bell plays the mysterious ‘Elle,' a character with a nebulous connection to Peter (Milo Ventimiglia).  He's missing, she's looking for him, and she may even have something to do with him disappearing to begin with.  BuddyTV is pleased to bring you a few clips from tonight's episode of Heroes, along with some interview clips with Kristen Bell recorded during the filming of tonight's episode of Heroes, “Fight or Flight.” Spoiler Warning.

In the following interview clip, Bell talks a lot about her character and seems to be dropping some subtle hints as to what her nature may be.   Spoiler savvy fans are probably already familiar with the fact that Elle is someone who is comfortable with her powers, and has been aware of them for longer than any character we have met so far.  Bell gives an almost seductive tone to her ability, but the smart theories seem to center on her being the source of Peter's new electrical bolt ability.

Bell quite famously announced joining Heroes in the wake of turning down a recurring role on Lost, a move that seemed motivated more by her personal connections to the Los Angeles area than job preference. 

Heroes began its second season with a premature case of the sophomore blues, maintaining a strong demographic performance, but showing some erosion in its bottom line.  It would be fair to think that a lot of attention at the eyeball network will be focused on what Bell's cult-tv status will bring in terms of a ratings upswing. 

Last week, Heroes grew by half a million from the previous week, even a slight bump from Kristen Bell's debut would continue things moving in the right direction.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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