Heroes: Episode 2.3 "Kindred" - Spoiler Clips
Heroes: Episode 2.3 "Kindred" - Spoiler Clips
If there is one character that can bring Heroes fans flocking back to their televisions tomorrow night, it is the eminent bad guy, Sylar (Zachary Quinto).  The brooding baddie returns to Heroes tomorrow, but after four months will he still be looking to menace his genetically enhanced brothers and sisters, or will he have mellowed?  Ali Larter is also once again gracing the screen as the season seems to be drawing closer to the hardcore action and storytelling that made Heroes one of the most watched television shows last season.  Read on for some info on "Kindred," and some exclusive Heroes preview clips from NBC.

The first clip illuminates the new mystery surrounding Isaac's mysterious series of paintings, sort of.  Suresh is given Isaac's old loft.  Can you say set up?   I'm not getting the feeling that Suresh is as safe as he thinks he is.  I can't figure out if Suresh is playing dumb, or if he really didn't know Isaac died..

Peter's subplot looks like it is heading in a very interesting direction, but not a very heroic one.  Let's hope that Peter doesn't float too far down the anti-hero corridor.   Although, last week Peter's segment was really the highlight of the episode.  It should be interesting to see if Sylar's appearance will rival the intrigue of Peter's predicament.  In this exclusive clip, we see that Peter is on the verge of getting a little personal info download.  Will it be enough to jog his memory?

Finally, the Claire predicament.  West can fly, but is that so exciting since Nathan can fly?  Maybe moreso than we think.  Some fans balk at the fact that two characters, Kensei and West, have powers we have already seen, but perhaps that is just a clue to a much larger and developing mystery.  From the looks of things, though, it appears Claire Bear and Westy are going to be getting cozy fast.  I'm guessing HRG isn't going to be digging that.

Sadly there were no clips from NBC that feature Sylar,  although from the trailers that have been released so far it looks like he is in some kind of illusion realm, a psychic holo-deck of sorts.  The question is, naturally, who is holding him there and what do they want from the brain munching one.  Tomorrow, we find out.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image and Clips Courtesy of NBC)