Heroes: Alejandro Back from the Dead?
Heroes: Alejandro Back from the Dead?
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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In the world of Heroes, nothing is impossible.  After witnessing HRG's (Jack Coleman) death in “Cautionary Tales” and his coming into life with the help of Claire's (Hayden Panettiere) blood in “Truth & Consequences,” the likelihood of bringing back an already lifeless character is now within reach. After all, the rising of the dead, along with time travel and regeneration, has already become a staple of the NBC series.

In line with this, Shalim Ortiz hints that just because his character Alejandro has been killed, it doesn't mean that he'll stay dead.  Though the Puerto Rican actor has made no mention how or when he might return on the science fiction series, he remains confident about his possible comeback given the show's nature.
"That's the nature of the show, it's true," Ortiz explained.  "Every time I open a script, I wonder if I'm going to be breathing at the end of it.  But also the nature of the show is that the normal rules don't apply.  Heroes has substantial characters [that] stay on the show even after they die.  We have a character named Isaac who died nine or 10 episodes ago and it's almost as if he's still alive, he's around so much.  So I'm not really worried."

Ortiz joined the second season of Heroes in the episode "Four Months Later” as the twin brother of Maya (Dania Ramírez).  While Maya produced a potent and lethal illness, Alejandro's power was the antidote that neutralizes the sickness.

With little information about his background, Alejandro, along with his sisters, turned up this season trying to slip across the border from Mexico into the United States looking for medical help, while running away from the authorities that have labeled the twins as murderers.

"What's interesting about Alejandro is the fact that he can neutralize his sister's ability," he said. “This is a show about genetics, after all.  It's not only about having cool superpowers.  It portrays how genetic factors can be something bad, something uncontrollable…Alejandro can't fly or time-travel, but he does his part… And we don't know everything about him yet."

Unfortunately, Ortiz's character was killed by Sylar (Zachary Quinto) in "Truth & Consequences," crediting his appearance on Heroes for 10 episodes, at least for now.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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