G4 and Mojo Lock Up Cable Rights to 'Heroes'
G4 and Mojo Lock Up Cable Rights to 'Heroes'
The cable channels G4 and Mojo have struck a deal for exclusive re-broadcast rights of the NBC hit drama Heroes.  The deal is is a big one for the two relatively new networks and a major coup for their programming.  Starting in 2010, the networks will have unfettered rights to broadcast Heroes.  Starting next month, they will be granted same week re-airing rights for the super hero drama.  Both G4 and Mojo are geared toward men, with G4 focusing on gaming and sci-fi.  It's a channel for the so-called “geek culture.”  Mojo is an HD only channel owned by Comcast which airs a plethora of drinking and gambling programs. 

Starting next month, G4 will air Saturday repeats of that week's Heroes episode, immediately followed by a thirty minute wrap-up show.  Heroes has been a staple on G4 for the last year, a place where all things Heroes have been discussed among fans and experts.  G4's landmark series Attack of the Show has had Heroes creator Tim Kring on multiple times to talk about the show. 

G4's head honcho Neal Tiles said of the acquisition, “This is a seminal moment for us.  We've been trying to find the right fit as we search for these off-net runs, and I can't imagine a more perfect fit than Heroes.”

The word is that G4 and Mojo picked up the rights to Heroes for a relatively low $300,000 an episode.  The other big cable networks apparently passed on Heroes.  Television serials don't typically fare well in syndication, given the lack of episode-contained stories. 

This all sounds like a great deal for Mojo and G4 right now, but Heroes has been on a bit of a ratings down slide so far this season.  Critically, Heroes has left some baffled here in its second season.  There is a hint that things may be picking up, but what if it doesn't?  It's not out of the realm of possibilities that Heroes flames out eventually.  For G4 and Mojo's sake, let's hope Heroes keeps going strong.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: Variety
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