There's No Room For Politeness in 'Hell's Kitchen'
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has gained much notoriety for his callous treatment of participants in the reality series, Hell’s Kitchen.  Since the show’s debut in 2005, viewers have born witness to Ramsay’s explosive temper and often expletive-laden criticism.  In his defense, the Scotland-born chef told TVGuide that when things aren’t going so well in the kitchen, there are only two ways to handle it: his way or “the soft way.”

"To me, it's far better to reprimand the cook and say, 'Wake up and get it or you'll be flipping… burgers for a… living!' I mean, can you imagine being polite in such a setting?” Gordon Ramsay said.

Aside from Hell’s Kitchen, the 40-year-old chef can also be seen in the American version of the British reality series, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.  The show, which is set to premiere on September 13 on FOX, will feature Ramsay traveling across America in order to help restaurants in crisis.  However, he pointed out that his behavior on Kitchen Nightmares will not differ so much from what viewers see on Hell’s Kitchen.

"Nicer? I don't think so. I am who I am," Gordon Ramsay told TV Guide.  He then admitted that it would be hard to compare his demeanor on both shows since he has not actually watched either.

"Truth is, I don't even watch the shows, because I don't want to see myself and say, 'Man, I need Botox' or 'Those jeans look terrible' or 'My teeth need to be whitened,’” Ramsay explained.

While he does not find fault in his behavior in Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay is hoping that his children will learn to be more discerning when it comes to using improper language.

"My wife and I have four children with immaculate manners, and I certainly don't want them thinking they can go around saying whatever they want, whenever they want," he said.  "That said, they need to know that there's a right place and a wrong place to speak that way. I think I do it in the right place."

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Image Courtesy of FOX)