Tennille Eliminated from 'Hell's Kitchen' - Nooooo!
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Oh no. Now who will be root against on Hell's Kitchen? Who will we yearn to shut up for one minute? Who will annoy us to hell? Maybe Kevin?

Tennille was eliminated from Hell's Kitchen tonight, just one person shy of making it to the final three and the two-hour finale next week. So the final three would be Ariel, Dave, and Kevin. There's really no one to root for here. I'm a little lukewarm about Ariel, Kevin is an arrogant douche bag, while Dave looks like he can't seriously cut it. With Tennille around, at least we have someone interesting. But now that's gone.

On tonight's Hell's Kitchen, everything seemed to be going well for our favorite loud mouth, Whoopi Goldberg look-alike (she even won the reward challenge), up until dinner service, when she botched some scallops. Seriously, guys, this is your 12th, 13th dinner service and something always goes wrong. It's either the halibut, the risotto, the scallops, the lamb, either overcooked or raw. I'm no chef but surely there's pressure in Hell's Kitchen, but something tells me it's the lack of focus that most of the time causes these people their heads.

Now as if that wasn't suicide on Hell's Kitchen, Tennille burns the halibut. Way to bounce back. By this time, we already have an idea who's going home - and it's not Dave, despite his re-injury. Come elimination time, Gordon Ramsay didn't even want the guys to pick nominees because that would just be prolonging Tennille's agony. Tasked to choose between an injured and an inefficient contestant, Ramsay picked the injured one to stay. Nevertheless, he complimented Tennille for mounting one of the biggest comebacks ever.

After a faux twist toward the end, we get to meet the families of the final three. That made me kind of sad, because I was really looking forward to meeting the people in Tennille's life. I bet they're also fun. Instead we get a couple of fiances, a mom, a sister, and Kevin's wife and son.

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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