'Hell's Kitchen': Waxed Hair, Dreads and the Smurf
'Hell's Kitchen': Waxed Hair, Dreads and the Smurf
Tiffany  Luckey
Tiffany Luckey
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The seventh season of Hell's Kitchen premiered with the most colorful group of cheftestants ever. Chef Mikey sports a crazy waxed bump of hair on an otherwise bear head. Chef Jay has his hair dyed bright blue and Chef Siobhan wears her long red hair in dreadlocks. Mikey even had the nerve to get the Hell's Kitchen logo tattooed on his stomach. It was a bold move, since the competition hadn't even begun.

Chef Ramsay has already commented on Mikey and Siobhan's hairstyles and he nicknamed Jay "Smurf." Then he made what seemed like an impossible promise to a group of the press. He promised them that for the first time ever, the opening night's dinner service would be completed.

Signature Dishes

Chef Gordon Ramsay told the aspiring chefs to create their signature dishes for him. But then he played a practical joke on them. He asked one woman to bring him her dish. When he tried it, he said it was incredible and he started to make out with her! She pulled off her disguise and revealed that she wasn't a contestant, she was his wife!

Yes, folks, we're off to another season of kitchen mayhem. Don't you just love it?

Right off the bat, one of the red team members was wearing three-inch heels in the kitchen and fell flat. And one of the other dishes had a toothpick in it when Chef took a bite. Chef Nilka nearly burned Chef Ramsay's mouth off when she gave him wings that had a half bottle of Tabasco in the sauce.

Then there was the chef who bragged that he likes to raise and slaughter his own meat...then eat it raw.

Chef Ramsay said he was like Hannibal Lecter. That's not exactly a compliment.

Breakfast in Bed

The men won the first challenge, so the women had to make and serve them breakfast in bed. That was especially good for them, since Chef Ramsay kept interrupting their activities and their sleep all night to show them instructional videos telling them how to make all the dishes on the menu.

Two Teams Become One

During the first dinner service, one by one, Chef Ramsay kicked chefs out of the kitchen and combined the remaining chefs into one team. For the first time ever, the opening night's dinner service was completed. The red team lost again and nominated Stacey and Fran for elimination.

Stacey was told to turn in her chef jacket and leave Hell's Kitchen. She's a celebrity's personal chef, not a line cook, so the evening had been especially difficult for her.

So what do you think of the latest crop of cheftestants? Which ones do you expect to be around the longest? And which ones do you expect to get booted out in the early episodes? Let us know what you think!

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