'Hell's Kitchen' Video Game Coming in September
Fans of Hell's Kitchen may miss Gordon Ramsay's endless yelling now that the series has wrapped up its fourth season.  Those who can't wait until season 5 to hear the temperamental chef call people "donkeys" will be happy to hear that a Hell's Kitchen video game is in the works.  Ubisoft, which has also created games based on shows like CSI and Lost, will develop the title, which will feature a digitized Ramsay guiding players through high-pressure kitchen and dining room challenges.  Anyone who owns a PC, Nintendo Wii or DS can have Ramsay yell at them personally when the game hits stores in September.

The Hell's Kitchen video game will reward players with recipes from Ramsay's own repertoire as they progress through three different stages of an order: preparation, cooking and service.  The fully rendered 3-D chef will be there every step of the way to praise players who do a good job, curse out those who fail miserably, and even shut the kitchen down if necessary.  The curse words will unfortunately be bleeped out, just as they are on the FOX series.

"I had a great time doing the voice for my own animation," Ramsay stated in a recent press release. "Being in a video game is a new experience for me and I'm very pleased with the results."

As many gamers know, titles that tie-in to existing properties such as movies or TV shows are rarely praised.  The games sell a lot due to their name recognition, but they often feel rushed in order to hit stores by a certain date.  Tony Key, who is senior vice president of sales and marketing at Ubisoft North America, claims that Hell's Kitchen will turn out differently. "Hell's Kitchen has everything a great video game needs: pressure, excitement and intense competition," he pointed out. "We are very excited to be bringing the intensity of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and the Hell's Kitchen experience to the virtual world this fall."

Aside from working in a busy kitchen, players will also get a chance to build their way up from a Single-Star restaurant to a fancy Five-Star establishment.  There will also be a timed mode where gamers must keep up with orders as customers grow more and more demanding.

The Hell's Kitchen video game will hit stores all around the U.S. in September.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of FOX)