'Hell's Kitchen': The Wackiest Moments This Week
Tiffany  Luckey
Tiffany Luckey
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV

There were more than the usual outrageous moments in last night's episode of Hell's Kitchen. Here are the highlights for you.

First, Chef Ramsay acted like the chefs were going to have to slaughter a bunch of cute little pigs. Thank goodness, all they had to do with them was scramble around in the mud to pick them up.

Then, after the red team was defeated in yet another challenge, they had to give all the pigs a bath. That was rather hilarious, except for the pigs. They seemed to hate the baths.

Nilka and Fran served Chef Ramsay and his wife and mother some disgusting blood sausage with prunes. Yikes! It was the stuff of nightmares!

Siobhan started to have a dangerous allergic reaction to the harsh chemicals they were using to clean the kitchen. Poor thing, she had to sit out while the rest of the red team did the cleaning. (Note to self: remember this excuse...it's very handy)

Scott managed to talk condescendingly and offend the entire red team just as much as he did when he was on the blue team. He may be a good cook in his regular job, but he was a disaster in all of last night's events.

Maria managed to take double orders for some of the tables and she also wrote down some of her orders wrong. Instead of showing her best work to Chef, she convinced him that she needed to go home.

Autumn had the rest of the blue team mesmerized when she got into the mud bath with them wearing a bikini. She's definitely on a team that appreciates her now. And she seems to be cooking better than before too.

Salvatore was revealed to have a secret talent. He is able to get people to admit things that they would never imagine they would tell on national TV. For example, Siobhan admitted that she had made a living in the past by performing mostly nude and acting like a dominatrix.

And Holli admitted to owning a huge collection of porn. She even told the rest of the chefs that she and her "significant other" had filmed themselves having sex. (Let's hope that doesn't make it to YouTube...)

Autumn was at her devious best when she worked to try to talk the diners into sending their food back and make the red team look bad.

Chef told the chefs before "family night" that they should not make him swear because of the children in the dining room. Of course, that was a futile hope. He lost his control and screamed at everyone before the dinner service was over.

This was a particularly crazy night for Hell's Kitchen fans. What moments did you enjoy the most? Do you agree that Maria and Scott should have gone home? Let us know what you think!

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