Hell's Kitchen: Season Recap
There's never a dull moment when you're watching Hell's Kitchen and this season was no exception.  In the end, Bonnie Muirhead and Rock Harper were the last two standing and Chef Ramsay ended up choosing Rock as the victor.  Along the way, we met some great chefs but better characters, who gave us some memorable moments.

Who could forget retirement chef Aaron Song?  He seemed to break down the minute he got there, before Chef Ramsay could utter a word.  He ended up leaving the show for undisclosed medical reasons but before he went, had some major meltdowns.

Some less than stellar moments came from Joanna Dunn, who unknowingly almost served diners rancid fish.  Good thing Chef Ramsay caught it before anyone's health was jeopardized.  Jen Yemola, who placed third, actually pulled pasta out of the garbage during one dinner service and attempted to throw it back in a pot of water to eventually serve.  She came in third!  Chef Ramsay had his own tacky moment when he dismissed Eddie Langlay from the kitchen by saying "F*** off!" when the guy didn't even do anything wrong!

The show also gave us some great moments, particularly from Julia Williams.  Dismissed by many as just a short order cook, Julia ended up placing fifth in the competition.  She won a big challenge on her last episode when the chefs had to make a meal in a school cafeteria and get voted the best.  When she was eliminated, Chef Ramsay's soft side came out and he offered to pay to send her to culinary school.

For the most part, I agreed with the eliminations with the exception of Brad Miller, who was a star throughout the competition.  In fact, in his BuddyTV interview, Rock credited Brad with his win as he performed his best in that final dinner service and supported Rock to the end.  In the final challenge, when Bonnie racked up the win, it looked like Rock might lose the whole thing.  But he managed to keep his cool in the second half of the game and perform to the best of his ability and it paid off for him and his family as they now head to Vegas next month so he can begin his new job and his new life.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of FOX)