'Hell's Kitchen' Season 8: Too Few Cooks in the Kitchen
'Hell's Kitchen' Season 8: Too Few Cooks in the Kitchen
Usually things go wrong when there are too many cooks in the kitchen, but tonight on Hell's Kitchen, the opposite was true as one chef after another was tossed out during dinner service.

It all began with Trev standing toe-to-toe with Ramsay, still waiting on the cliffhanger that happened two years ago. (Felt like that, didn't it?) But instead of going home, he was sent to join the ever shrinking men's blue team and he was thrilled . . . for a few minutes, anyway.

Though everyone but Nona did awful in the blind taste test, Trev had the unfortunate luck of going last so his team blamed him for the loss. They women got a shopping spree and lunch with Ramsay while the guys were left to sort through the trash for recyclables. Things only got worse for Trev when he was blatantly shunned during prep.

During dinner service, it was Rob who got the boys off to a bad start with his inability to sear a scallop, but for some odd reason, he's only given a warning then sent back to work. When Nona flakes on the meat station, Ramsay unexpectedly throws her out of the kitchen. Next Vinny and Russell are sent to the dorms, which makes no sense at all. Russell was a victim of the domino effect from his teammates and in the end, Rob joined them, too leaving Trev to finish service alone. Insane.

When it comes to eliminations, Trev rightfully puts up Rob, then adds Russell to the list and Russell takes it badly. In Trev's defense, he only had Russell and Vinny to choose from and he could have made a case for the fact that Ramsay would never send Russell home over Rob. Sure enough, Rob was sent packing and the girls triumphed again.

The Sacrificial Lamb

In the second hour, Ramsay challenged the teams to a communication contest by forcing them to cook three dishes, relay style. Both teams made huge mistakes but Vinny corrected his problems on the fly and pulled out a rare win for the guys. The red team might have taken it but in the rush to finish Jillian burnt her hand on a frying pan, dumping it and the salmon on the floor.

They guys got a kitchen supply shopping spree and a fine dining lunch. The girls had to unload the grocery delivery. 

Instead of going straight into dinner service, the chefs were told they had to design their own menus. Then, in a completely inane move, Vinny and Trev chose getting drunk in the hot tub at 2:00 am over getting a good night's rest and Russell was ready to drown them both when he found out.

Service began with nothing but orders from the red menu and Gail over then undercooking seven portions of lobster (I weep for the waste.) Vinny was charged with making lamb chops for top chef Josiah Citrin, whose restaurant the guys had visited as part of their win. Vinny promptly forgot to fire the chops then tried to make up for it by putting raw meat on the pass.  As you can imagine, Ramsay got to scream his favorite phrase -- it's raaawww! -- while in the dining room Citrin laughed and encouraged the tongue lashing. Wow.

All in all, it was another lousy service in Hell's Kitchen and each chef was asked to name the weakest link. Vinny and Sabrina got votes but it was Trev who got the most. Ramsay called him up, told him to take off his jacket then handed him a black team jacket. Psych!

One by one, he called up the chefs and offered them jackets until only Gail and Vinny were left. Easy peasy, Vinny was sent home. On the way back to the dorm, Sabrina skipped and gloated childishly about the elimination. And she's going to run a major restaurant in LA? Am I the only person seeing this?

Confused by this wacky season? Join me for a look at this week's Top Five "What the Heck?" Moments. In the meantime, is there anyone in this bunch that you'd hire to run a restaurant? Let us know in the comments below.

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