'Hell's Kitchen' Season 8: Scallops, Salads and Sabrina
'Hell's Kitchen' Season 8: Scallops, Salads and Sabrina
In the second episode of the night, Gordon Ramsay stopped a few hearts by saying he needed to set something right. He called out Melissa, but not to send her home -- just to send her to the men's team. Time to mix up chefs, but did it help or hurt?

With Melissa migrating to the men's team, it was Trev who was called over to join the gals and he was so not happy about that. But then, it's not like he was leaving a stellar team behind. The quick challenge of the night was to create an entree salad good enough to be featured in Bon Appetit magazine.

Once again, these so-called trained chefs, presented miserable excuses instead of fine dining. Nona handed in a plate with two whole quails plopped on a bed of wilted greens. Road kill, indeed. Jillian made a fruit salad, which was an insult, and judge Sarah Tenaglia said Sabrina's pork salad dish tasted like a hot dog? Both teams got only two points each and Sarah broke the tie by choosing Rob's scallop salad as the best of the lot. Win to the blue team!

Trev was furious about the loss but the reality is, both teams did an awful job so it was kind of a coin toss. Left to do prep with the girls, Trev was worked to his last nerve with their questions and whining.

Guest Who's Coming to Dinner

The twist to the night's dinner service was that each kitchen had to play host to a chef's table. It's supposed to be an honor to eat in the kitchen and see the chef work, but not in Hell's Kitchen; this just made for an uncomfortable situation all the way around. No one controlled their anger or their tongue even though the guests were sitting two feet away. 

Kelli Williams of Lie to Me sat on the blue side with her guests, where Rob was tasked with playing host while working the salad station. The red team had Mo Gaffney and General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn and a very frazzled Jillian taking orders.

Right away things go awry with Melissa undercooking or overcooking every scallop in the place. Yes, really, every scallop. After throwing away what Ramsay estimated to be seven pounds of scallops, they switch to shrimp on the salads. And let me take a moment here to morn the loss of expensive scallops and all the food that is thrown away in Hell's Kitchen. I hope a lot of it is for show and that it's being given to someone to eat when the cameras go off. Even if the crew takes it home! Somebody, otherwise, I can't abide this waste.

In addition to Melissa's problems, Boris couldn't get anything right and was eventually kicked out of the kitchen by Ramsay. On the red side, Trev tried his hardest to get the girls to work together but Sabrina resented being pushed and ended up working slower than ever. They both finished service, but it was painful every step of the way.

A Lose-Lose Situation

With no clear winner, Ramsay asked both teams to put up one member for elimination. Sabrina was the easy pick on the red team, though Nona was a close runner up. The blues had to choose between Melissa and Boris. They picked Boris, but Ramsay helped them out by adding Melissa and Nona to the final list anyway. The best moment of the night came when Sabrina promised she's correct her attitude just seconds before slamming Melissa with another dig. Leopard. Spots.

Ramsay sent Melissa home and it was a good choice, though I wish he'd sent Boris, too.

What's happening in Hell's Kitchen? It seems like the chefs are getting worse each week, not better. Is it the pressure? The time away from home? The exhaustion? At what point are we going to see a star take control and shine? Next week? Somehow, I doubt it.

What do you think? Are you seeing any improvement in Hell's Kitchen and did the right chef go home?

(Image courtesy of Patrick Wymore/FOX)