'Hell's Kitchen' Season 7: Where Are They Now?

Hell's Kitchen is over for another year and that means it's time for everyone involved to move on with their life. Actually, they moved on about a year ago, since that's when the season finale was shot. For some, it was back to business as usual, while others, including Gordon Ramsay himself, are facing all new challenges.

Gordon Ramsay

Though most TV viewers know his face, not everyone is flocking to eat at Ramsay's restaurants and that has left the celebrity chef in a bad place financially. He's had to close one of his pubs in London and has built up a mountain of debt. No worries, though, because according to a report in the Daily Mail, Ramsay is about to net £5 million for selling off his share of his TV production company. But money could be the least of Ramsay's problems now that Sarah Symonds has announced the release of her steamy tell-all book, "Memoirs of a Mistress: My Time with Britain's Most Fiery Chef."

RadarOnline says Symonds calls Ramsay "Flash Gordon" in the bedroom and though he says her book is bogus, she says she has proof.

"I plan to set the record straight," said Symonds. "I also plan to expose the truth about my appearance on the Hells Kitchen finale, which was filmed during the period that I was having an affair with Gordon, that he has since denied inviting me to."

The Winners

Holli Uglade is spending today making the rounds of the radio and TV stations in LA and she's even heading to culinary school in Orange County, so she says in her Twitter. In interviews with the press, Holli says she'll be heading to London for the October opening of the Savoy. We wish her well!

Jay (Jason) Santos is still the head chef at Gargoyles on the Square in Somerville, MA. He watched the finale last night with a group of friends at the restaurant that included former competitors Ed and Salvatore. Boston.com quoted him as saying he was glad it was over after having to sit on the secret for a year. He's available for interviews and demos and you can find out about him at his website.

The Losers

Benjamin Knack is living in Boston and he's still teaching classes but in post HK interviews he makes it clear that he's open to new opportunities. You can follow him at his website, www.chefbenknack.com.

Autumn Lewis is still working as a personal chef for a music producer and she lives in both Los Angeles and Atlanta. You can keep up with her through her Facebook page.

Jason Ellis is cooking for celebs and others in Atlanta, and he says he's got people interested in filming him for his own show. . . maybe. You can follow him on Twitter.

Ed Battaglia says he'll keep on teaching and hopes to have his own cooking show.

Fran Klier went back to her catering business. You can hire her by visiting her website.

Nilka Hendricks is the new head chef at Retro Lounge in Freeport, NY.

So that's it for another season of Hell's Kitchen. What did you think? Better or worse than previous years? Will you be tuning it when Ramsay turns up the heat on another season? We'll be there, for sure.


CR: Patrick Wymore/FOX