'Hell's Kitchen' Season 7 Premieres Tonight
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Flying halibut bits, a farmer and one very angry chef belting "Raw, raw, raw!"

Tonight's premiere of the seventh season of Hell's Kitchen promises to offer up plenty of the old shenanigans -- chefs bungling up, Gordon Ramsay throwing a fit, diners waiting forever for their dinner - and then some, considering that the contestants seemed to be an "uneven" group of contestants this season, says the New York Daily News.

But before we go to the contestants, last season's winner Dave Levey, aka one-arm bandit, is no longer head chef for Araxi, citing "other commitments."

After the jump, the contestants for this season of Hell's Kitchen, a bunch that includes a farmer, a culinary instructor, a pizzeria chef, and a chef who has cooked for Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, among others:

  • Autumn Lewis, 29, Personal Chef from West Hollywood, CA
  • Andrew Forster, 28, Farmer from Wake Forest, NY
  • Benjamin Knack, 33, Culinary Instructor from Malden, MA
  • Ed Battaglia, 33, High School Cooking Teacher from Edgewater Park, NJ
  • Fran Kiler, 44, Catering Chef from Rockville Centre, NY
  • Holli Ugalde, 24, Banquet Chef from San Bernardino, CA
  • Jason Ellis, 37, Personal Chef from Suwanee, GA
  • Jamie Bisoulis, 26, Sous Chef from Chicago, IL
  • Jay Santos, 32, Executive Chef from Medford, MA
  • Maria Torrisi, 24, Kitchen Supervisor from Scranton, PA
  • Nilka Hendricks, 28, Line Cook from West Hempstead, NY
  • Mikey Termini, 29, Line Cook from Kihei, Maui, HI
  • Scott Hawley, 32, Executive Chef from New York, NY
  • Salvatore Coppola, 35, Pizzeria Chef from Laurel Springs, NJ
  • Stacey Slichta, 38, Private Chef from Studio City, CA
  • Siobhan Allgood, 25, Pub Executive Chef from Philadelphia, PA

Hell's Kitchen season 7 premieres tonight on Fox.

(Image courtesy of FOX)