'Hell's Kitchen' Season 6 Pilot a Sign of Things to Come?
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
If the pilot of Hell's Kitchen 6 is any indication, this season of the Fox cooking show is bound to be exciting. The harsh exchange between Joseph and Gordon Ramsay, for one, on the second hour of the two-part debut had a lot of Hell's Kitchen fans wondering if that's a preview of things to come. Ramsay, who for the first time was at the receiving end of someone else's angry cussing, admitted previously that this season is the most frustrating yet.

"It's possibly the most demanding in terms of frustration level, but I think we've got some exceptional chefs, which may turn out to be a bit of a surprise I think," he said. "I think the standard of chefs across the board is far greater... We've been a lot more creative in terms of the challenges and there have been a few twists."

On the premiere, the customary exhibition of the signature dishes doubled up as a team challenge, where everyone presented his signature dish for Chef Ramsay's approval and the team with the most dishes approved wining the challenge. The blue team eventually won.

On the subsequent service, the red team had a problem with a pasta dish, which they had to do nine times but still got incorrectly. Ramsay singled out Melinda for wasting too much pasta, which would later lead to her elimination. Meanwhile, the blue team also experienced some problems, including Louie's error-filled lamb.

On the second hour's team challenge, each team needed to prepare shrimp for the next night's service, with each team scoring one point for each shrimp perfectly prepared. The blue team narrowly won, 45 shrimps to 44. On the ensuing elimination challenge, Ramsay wanted two nominees from both teams, because the night's service was worse than the first one. This is where it happened. Joseph refused to name the first nominee and why, eventually throwing in his jacket and cursing Ramsay in the face. No one was eliminated yet.

Tune in next week to see the continuation of this Hell's Kitchen drama on Fox.

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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