'Hell's Kitchen' Season 12 Preview: An Aggressive and Combative Group of Chefs
'Hell's Kitchen' Season 12 Preview: An Aggressive and Combative Group of Chefs
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
FOX's Hell's Kitchen has always celebrated the hope and dreams of would-be chefs. Whether trying to get Ramsay attention by cooking or being an obnoxious screw-up, these 20 chefs will do everything they can to get Ramsay's notice and win the grand prize of the position as head chef at one of Ramsay's restaurants. It takes skill and a certain amount of attitude to impress the chef and may be more than a culinary student, baker or line cook can handle. Expect explosions, fights, and chaos to ensue because this is Hell's Kitchen.

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When you put 20 chefs together with Ramsay, he expects perfection. After all, these are supposed to be the best that auditioned their skills for the show. They must know that Ramsay won't allow a dish to leave the kitchen until it is perfect. The question is: what do these would-be chefs see as perfection? Ramsay every season kicks someone out of the kitchen during service, throws a towel, walks out of the kitchen and out of the restaurant and you always wonder who will cause this season's exodus? And how will these pampered chefs react if they are asked to churn ice cream (wish it was butter) or clean the dorm? 

So what does Ramsay have in store for season 12? Maybe we should first ask: What does these chefs have in store for Ramsay? Ramsay, we know will test them. The preview shows us that the would-be chefs are going to test Ramsay's patience and ability to cope with insanity. This season's group seems to be more aggressive and combative than ever before. We actually see punches thrown in the dorms and arguments break out between the Red and Blue kitchens. Yet, there is a sense of "love" that spreads among the Blue Team with the encouraging words of "I love you man" heard during a dinner service. Of course, Ramsay gets confused but this group seems to be a study of confusion from the get-go. With blood flowing, ambulances called and love flowing what else can we expect but sabotage and confusion? This is, of course, Hell's Kitchen.

The challenges also look interesting with piglets and lambs being chased in a pin and identifying the parts of a giant pig for a reward. The awards look to be more spectacular than in past years with a mansion visit and a kayaking adventure for the winners. To win these prizes, the chefs must learn to work as a team while learning from a master. We can be sure that this year's contestants will do anything to achieve time away from the kitchen as they chase the rewards and grand prize. In the end, the real question is will Ramsay succeed in finding his perfect chef as these misfits fight their way out of the door due to an early departure?

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Hell's Kitchen season 12 premieres Thursday, March 13 at 8pm on FOX. 

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