'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Too Many Animals in the Kitchen
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Too Many Animals in the Kitchen
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Tonight on Hell's Kitchen, the children have taken over. It's Family Night at Hell's Kitchen and Chef Ramsay has big plans to make it one no one will forget. 

The cheftestants will get up close and personal with some farm animals before welcoming Chef Ramsay's family in for a very special kid friendly dinner service.

Chef Ramsay starts the day with a gathering of ingredients for the cheftestants' challenge. He introduces both teams to a group of farm animals. Live farm animals.

Old McDonald Had an Entree

Petting Zoo Challenge: Each member of each team will grab an animal and place it into a cage marked with a starch. The protein and starch will be used in five dishes to be judged.

Nedra might slow the Red Team down, but it's pretty hilarious witnessing just how terrified she is of these harmless animals.

Chef Jon Shook enters to help Chef Ramsay judge the dishes.

In the kitchen, the teams select which two members will sit out of the challenge. One by one the Red Team easily wins points over their opponents. 

Challenge Winner: Red Team

To twist the knife more, Chef Ramsay tastes Dan's dish, who sat the challenge out, and expresses that it was better than any of the others. 

The Red Team will enjoy a day as VIPs at the Aquarium of the Pacific while the men stay behind, again, to assemble the Hell's Kitchen petting zoo, keeping the animals happy and well tended to.

Family Night Dinner Service

VIPs include Gretchen Rossi of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Chef Ramsay's family

Right out of the gate, both teams get shaky starts. Dan burns a pizza and Jacqueline's scallops are rubbery. After a bit of Ramsay yelling and regrouping, the teams work to turn things around.

Ray, who is on the road to redemption, hands a cold burger to the pass, the burger meant for Ramsay's son. That road is starting to look a little hazy. Barret's failed attempt to send a perfectly cooked lamb to the pass on the first try continues to set the Blue Kitchen back. 

The Red Kitchen, on the other hand, is one ticket away from finishing their dinner service. Mary has made a complete 180 degree turn from last week's disaster. Once the last ticket is completed, Ramsay sends the women into the Blue Kitchen to help. And, boy, do they need it!

Thanks to Barret, Chef James' pregnant wife could have been fed raw chicken. "Red team, take over!" yells Ramsay. It's about time someone patched up this sinking ship. Nedra is particularly impressed by Mary's ability to drive the Blue Team to completion, commenting, "Get it, [expletive]. Get it."

First up, Barret is nominated for almost killing Chef James' wife with pink chicken. That one is a given. The second nominee is a tougher decision, seeing as how the men found themselves in an arguing match back at the dorms. Michael feels that they're all "amateurs." So who's the second pick? Dan, simply because no one likes him, or Ray for Chef Ramsay's son's cold burger? You guessed it -- it's Dan.

"My team doesn't like me," Dan says. "I don't give a [expletive]." Sure that will help you stay in the game. Barret, on the other hand, swears that it's not all about his fancy hair. So who leaves?

Eliminated: Dan

"My message to the Blue Team is to shove it up your [expletive]," are Dan's final words. 

Next week, Hell's Kitchen is full of surprises ... that have just been revealed by the episode preview. Barret's lost confidence drives him to shave his head while the women leave a memento for their diners to find in their food, a strand of hair! Tune in to watch it all unfold Tuesday on Fox.