'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: The Curious Case of Benjamin's Back
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: The Curious Case of Benjamin's Back
In a French kitchen, a demi-glace is a sauce made of equal parts of veal stock and sauce espagnole that has been reduced by half to intensify the flavors. It's similar to a semi-finale, which in Hell's Kitchen terms means reducing the number of contestants by half in order to intensify the suspense.

It all began at the Savoy Grill, or rather the Hell's Kitchen version since the real one is under renovation in London. The chefs, which the exception of Jay, got all dressed up and had a chance to sample some of the dishes they'd be cooking if they were to win. They should have known they'd be asked to recreate one of the dishes and yet Jay seemed surprised. Ramsay was kind enough to give them another taste of the meat with vegetables and a fruit puree, but even that didn't help them get it right. Jay was the only chef to get pear puree instead of apple, but he blew it by using beef instead of venison. It was a close call but Holli eked out Ben for the win and she got to spend an afternoon on a yacht with her son.

The punishment for the remaining three turned out to be the most significant in the course of the season as in his anger, Ben threw his back out while toting boxes. The pain was so severe, he had to forgo prep, using the time to sleep and then lounge in the hot tub. With no relief in sight, the show called in a chiropractor, but why did he have to get his massage in the dining room?

Shortly before dinner service, Ben decided he couldn't take it and he quit. He congratulated Holli and Jay, ignored Autumn then went to tell Ramsay who promptly talked him into working the service anyway.

After shocking and royally teeing off his fellow chefs, Jay worked the whole night without a single sign of pain. Funny that. The service was excellent and in the end, all four chefs did a good to great job on the pass.

Cocky as ever, Ben stood up at judging and said he should be in the finale because he could out-cook the rest. Oh yeah? We'll never know, because Ramsay cut him loose along with Autumn. Dear Ben, you should know how bosses feel about people who call in sick.vThat means it will be Holli and Jay going head-to-head for the win and it's not going to be easy. Jay may be the better chef but in Hell's Kitchen the best doesn't always win.

Come back tomorrow when we take a closer look at the mind games that help separate the contenders from the wannabes in Hell's Kitchen.

What do you think? Did the right two get sent to the finale? Or should Ben or Autumn be standing in one of those two spots?

Cr: Patrick Wymore/FOX