'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Raising the Steaks
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Raising the Steaks
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
How do you spend a Tuesday night? I'll tell you how! You spend it with Chef Gordon Ramsay and the remaining 13 cheftestants of Hell's Kitchen

In tonight's episode, the name of the game is steak. Which contestant will walk the flank and leave the kitchen for good?

"Go back to the old Barret," Jon says. I don't believe that anyone meant for Barret to run upstairs and pull a Britney Spears, shaving his head bald. How is this going to keep him focused in the kitchen?

Barret Steaks a Claim, Fails

Steak Challenge: Each cheftestant is given half an hour to prepare a different type of steak at medium rare. Also, they have to create a sauce or rub to compliment their meat. 

Shaving his head has definitely allowed Barret to focus on his meat, but perhaps it's too much. His cut of meat is pretty lucky, being manhandled by Barret who whispers a few oh yeahs over it. Let's hope it tastes as good as it must feel. Judging by how difficult it is for Chef Ramsay to cut through the steak, I'm going to guess that it's way overdone. Samson has lost his touch.

After being in the lead by one point for the entirety of the judging, the Blue Team's fate is left up to Ray, who fails to cook his rib-eye medium rare. 

Challenge Winner: Red Team

The women will be spending their day at the pool, enjoying manicures and pedicures with a panoramic view of Los Angeles. The losing Blue Team suits up to lug half-a-cow into Hell's Kitchen. "Hacking up a cow sounds like fun, too," giggles Mary, disturbingly. 

While Ray is the reason his team lost the challenge, he acts as the peacemaker when the men begin tearing one another down and losing hope. Meanwhile, Amanda is nervous about steak temperatures, anticipating sending an improperly cooked dish to the pass. 

Steak Night Dinner Service

Right off the bat, Bald Barret begins to fire up unnecessary crab cakes in the Blue Kitchen. Anthony hurriedly takes leadership. In the Red Kitchen, the ladies are pushed back after Mary totally fails to fire up sliders, but this is not the worst of their problems. Sliders are returned to the kitchen with (and someone inform me if this is a Hell's Kitchen first or not) a hair sandwiched in between the meat and the bun. Maybe now they'll begin wearing hair nets like little old lunch ladies.

Barret is still lagging behind in the Blue Kitchen, forgetting to deliver salads alongside the crab cakes. This is nothing compared to the impending doom the ladies are running into. While Susan slices prime rib in the dining room, Jacqueline informs Ramsay that they're waiting on their teammate to signal the next move, meaning their kitchen has entered a standstill. 

The fall of the Red Kitchen comes promptly. It all begins with Amanda's ability to play "a deer caught in headlights" very well. Her cluelessness allows her to rely on Jacqueline's bad directions on firing up a satisfactory filet. Time after time, the meat is delivered raw to the pass. It's as if Amanda's failure has snowballed out of control. Ramsay has had enough and sends Nedra, Jacqueline, Cyndi and Amanda out of the kitchen. This leaves Janell, Mary and Susan, who comes in from the dining room, to pick up the slack.

"She was the supporter," says Jacqueline, explaining she and Amanda's failed teamwork."I was the driver." Nedra initially blames Jacqueline, but soon falls into a screaming war with Amanda. Shouldn't be too difficult to choose two ladies for elimination.

Obviously, the men win dinner service tonight.

It's no surprise that Amanda is the first name called for the Red Team's nomination after causing three of her teammates to be kicked out of service alongside her. Next up is Jacqueline for leading Amanda down the wrong path. 

So who goes home? The one who cannot cook meat or the one who tells the chef who can't cook me to cook meat?

Eliminated: Jacqueline

"I don't need some guy who yells at me to tell me I can cook," Jacqueline says and makes a very good point.