'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Nedra Flips Over Pancakes
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Nedra Flips Over Pancakes
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Had enough of Chef Gordon Ramsay and his circus of cooking clowns? Of course not! It's Tuesday night and there is another new episode of Hell's Kitchen to poke fun at.

With 16 cheftestants still hanging on to the hopes of earning the coveted executive chef jacket, the tasks are only getting more and more challenging. Or are they? Breakfast is for champions and the easiest of the meals to execute, or so I thought. This should be the episode shown to anyone looking for confidence in the kitchen.

"It really was stupid for us to nominate Jessica for the reasons that we did," Cyndi mumbles just before oddly kissing Jessica's wrist. Talk about a kiss-up. You don't even know where her hands have been after the day they've had.

What's That Protein?

The next morning, the chefs meet Chef Ramsay in the dining room where they are welcomed by an impressive display of protein.

Match the Protein Challenge: In a relay, each team will break into sub teams of two. Each duo must identify the surprise protein used in five dishes prepared by Ramsay. Whoever completes the task in the less amount of time wins.

Jon and Michael start the Blue Team off horrendously slow, stumped on the protein used in meatballs. After approximately four minutes, and guessing such options as kangaroo, they finally arrive at the correct answer of turkey. How can one not recognize the distinct taste of turkey? Overall, they take a total of 10 minutes and 33 seconds to match five proteins. Sad.

Janell and Jacqueline are up first for the women. Turkey is their first choice and the Red Team is out of the gate with their taste buds on the prize. Nedra and Jessica get hung up on the enchilada dish, mirroring the efforts of Jon and Michael. This may actually be a closer race that it should be. 

Nope! The ladies win again!

Challenge Winner: Red Team

A Loaf to Grind

The women will enjoy a $15 million beach house in Malibu while the Blue Team has to make bread from scratch. Like, medieval scratch. The poor losers have to use a mortar stone to grind the wheat, dark-ages-style. As if it wasn't bad enough!

"Oh em gee!" says Janell. She takes the words right out of my mouth. The views at this beach house are out of this world. With champagne in hand, the women run through the luxury home before hitting the beach to paddle surf and play volleyball with Laird Hamilton and Gabrielle Reese. 

Meanwhile, back with the "bread winners," flour grinding is too much for Jeremy to handle. He collapses against the kitchen counter and immediately calls for a medic. As the medic is checking him out, Jeremy decides that now is the time to reveal that he's had a stroke in the past. He goes to the ER and comes back saying, "I just wasn't eating." Seriously?! His team members send him to the dorms where the girls don't want to hear his excuses either. 

At four in the morning, the Blue Team wakes up to put their dough into the ovens. Just two hours later after a nap, Chef Ramsay calls both teams to the kitchens to line up.

Emergency Medical Workers Breakfast

For the first time, Chef Ramsay has opened Hell's Kitchen for breakfast, serving the men and women who work long hours in order to help save lives. That's right, it's an emergency medical workers breakfast. This means the Red and Blue teams must familiarize themselves with the menu in just 15 minutes.

Sure, Cyndi might have eggs sticking to pans, but it's nothing like the disaster stirring up next door. Jeremy, who looks like a deer caught in headlights, isn't paying attention. His sense of time is throwing everyone else off, bumping into others in the kitchen. And then, just as things can't get any worse, they do. "Some disgusting pig," starts Ramsay, "brought me the sample scrambled eggs." The Blue Team sends Jeremy on an errand out of the kitchen, allowing them to successfully complete the first ticket without his "help."

On the other hand, Nedra brings the Red Team to a hault as her Eggs Benedict is a simple soggy mess. Rachel has to step in to help her step-by-step. Ray, in the Blue Team, has a salty mess of eggs that is eventually corrected. So it now comes down to the blueberry pancakes. If the women can just perfect these fluffy clouds of goodness, they could beat their competitors yet again!

Nope, sorry. Jacqueline and Nedra took way too long on pancakes. PANCAKES! 

Breakfast Service Winner: Blue Team

Janell points out that before some of their team members have even had the chance to brush their teeth, they are tasked with nominating two individuals for elimination. First up is Jacqueline for pancakes and her infamous pink chicken scandal from last dinner service. After Nedra yells and throws numerous expletives at her team for wanting to put her up for elimination, she looks safe as Mary takes her place on the burner, until Jacqueline tosses her under the bus. 

So who goes home? Well, apparently it won't be Mary or Jacqueline. Ramsay sends them both back in line and says that the one who will be leaving is "in over their head" on Hell's Kitchen

To Be Continued ...

Who do you believe goes home? I think Jacqueline really should have been the one to hand her jacket over, but she lives to see another day.

Next week on the continuation of Hell's Kitchen, there's just something about Mary. Is she pregnant or not? Not something many would expect to see on a show like this, but it's good for ratings. Tune in on Thursday to see if the test proves positive.