'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Four Jackets, Five Chefs
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Four Jackets, Five Chefs
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Tonight on Hell's Kitchen, the final five duke it out for their ticket into the finals, the black jackets. 

With a little encouragement from their families, Mary, Jon, Ja'Nel, Susan and Cyndi are faced with yet another challenge with the one machine everyone would expect to see in a fancy, professional kitchen. The pressure cooker!

Now that Zach has packed his bags, Jon is the lone ranger in a house full of ladies. Unfortunately for him, the night before the true test for the four coveted black jackets is spent listening to the women giggle and tell private tales of their Brazilian wax jobs. Gross!

The next day, Chef Ramsay surprises each of the final five with videos from their loved ones, supporting them from home. Turn on the waterworks because SURPRISE! all of the family members who sent their wishes on screen have been hiding behind the scenes. They are rewarded with quality time with their families.

At some point during the family time, Ramsay became a softie. He lines the cheftestants and their families up and announces that each of them will be receiving a black jacket! I hope they realize that the competition will ONLY be that much more difficult.

Pressure Challenge: In 45 minutes, each cheftestant will blindly choose an inexpensive cut of meat and create a dish worthy of fine dining, using a pressure cooker. The winner will be rewarded with more time with their family.

Rule One of cooking with a pressure cooker?! DON'T OPEN THE PRESSURE COOKER! Needless to say, Susan has opened her cooker six times! "It just doesn't feel tender enough," she whines while poking at the pork belly. Well I wonder why.

Meanwhile, Jon has underestimated his pressure cooker, allowing his lamb leg to burn. Thanks to some quick thinking, he just may be able to save his dish after cutting the meat and switching cookers.

Chef Nancy Silverton and Leslie Bargar Suter join Chef Ramsay to help judge the dishes. Best of 15 stars snags the prize!

Susan is first with her undercooked pork belly. 9 stars
Jon's lamb leg ends up tough and needed to cook longer. 10 stars
Cyndi and her pork roast's visual appeal fail to impress. 7 stars
Ja'Nel offers up goat ribs and earns a "phenomenal" from Ramsay. 14 stars
Mary sets her beef short ribs before the judges along with handmade pasta. 15 stars

Winner: Mary

Mary and her family will enjoy dinner at Wolfgang Puck's WP24 while the other four will be volunteering with the Tree People (funny) AND preparing the recycling by jumping in the dumpsters and separating the garbage from the garbage. Gross again!

Once the dirty deed doers have cleaned up for the night and Mary has come down from cloud nine, Ramsay surprises them by requesting their presence in the dining room. He needs to know just how good they are before moving on to the next stage in the competition. So as they now work together as one (hopefully) well-oiled machine in one kitchen, they will compete against a group of mysterious chefs. 

Next week on Hell's Kitchen, all will be revealed. Who could these chefs be? The answer is surely not as dramatic as it's being made out to be, but tune in anyways to find out!

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