'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Episode 5.7 (Page 1/3)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Last week on Hell's Kitchen: Coi was sent packing. 

This week: Carol is surprised that Andrea didn't put her up for elimination, but Andrea insists that she wanted to put up team members for skill, not petty arguments. Andrea and Paula tell LA she was nominated because she hasn't been giving it her best the last few days, and LA, though offended, vows to go “balls to the wall” from now on. The red team is split between Andrea and Paula versus Carol and LA.

Next day: Ramsay greets the chefs and brings out a few samples of tapas dishes from his London restaurant. The chefs dig in to each dish, and they're impressed. Ramsay explains that tapas, a popular new trend in restaurants all over, are small vibrant portions. Their challenge: each team must create 5 small plates, and the team with the most winning dishes wins the challenge. The catch: they're creating these portions from leftovers. J, once again, is over-confident. Ramsay addresses Lacey—ever since she's been with the men, the women haven't won. He tells her to stay where she is. He instead moves Giovanni over to the women's team. Robert is upset that they've gotten the raw end on that deal.

The teams begin their 20 minutes, and this challenge is all about improvisation. Giovanni jumps right in with the red team. Lacey is debilitated by the stress (and her lack of skills), and Robert calls out what everyone's been thinking all along: “I'm pissed off that Ramsay has been amusing himself” by keeping her around, he says.

The 20 minutes are up. The team members go head to head:

Danny presents a filet mignon and ragu, versus Paula's steak and eggs. Ramsay decides that both won for being SO delicious. Next up, Lacey, with a mushroom bruschetta atop leeks, and LA with her asparagus and ginger soup--they both lose for being SO disgusting. Carol goes up against Robert with her ginger rubbed seared tuna and his lamb dish. Turns out Carol thought she was using soy sauce, but it was balsamic. She even tasted it. Robert wins, and he dedicates the win to his mom. And once again, I love Robert the best. Next up, Andrea brings a lobster ravioli and J provides a lobster with fennel and leek broth. Andrea wins and J feels robbed even though Ramsay called his dish boring.

With one match-up left, now the teams are tied because of course. It's Hell's Kitchen.

Giovanni throws down a surf and turf dish against Ben's tuna with grilled asparagus. Ramsay thinks they're both delicious and it's the toughest part of his day deciding who wins. He decides the Red Team wins. Giovanni is happy that he could do his part for his new team, and they are happy they have him. Ben is upset that he's had three one-on-one dish competitions times and lost them all.

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