'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Episode 5.6 (Page 1/3)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Last time on Hell’s Kitchen: Colleen got on Gordon’s last nerve, and he sent her home. And, shockingly, Lacey made herself useful over on the Blue team!

Tonight: The women are sad that they’ve lost their cheerleader, and being put on the chopping block humbles Andrea. She plans on using it as motivation to do better. After being so close to going home at the elimination ceremony, J thinks about his wife and son and begins crying when he thinks about the important reasons he is there.

The next morning, Ramsay reinforces Lacey’s sudden progress, saying that she is now “shining.” He then makes an announcement: tomorrow night, Hell’s Kitchen will be open for a bar mitzvah. Ben is one excited Jew, and Ramsay has him explain that a bar mitzvah “signifies a boy entering into manhood.” Ramsay then explains the challenge: each team will take the boy’s favorite dishes and make them special. The boy’s mother and grandmother enter the kitchen and tell the chefs what he likes. His favorite foods are burgers, chicken soup, and brisket, so each team is to create one of each and take them to a new level. They have 45 minutes. Ramsay is testing the chefs’ ability to innovate and think on their feet. A variety of ingredients are already in the kitchen for their use. Robert and Carol both call burgers; each saying it’s in the bag for their team. Ben believes that he knows upscale Jewish food, and calls it time for him to shine for his people—he even breaks into a little “Hava Nagila” while he cooks! Andrea worries aloud about Carol’s choice of bleu cheese in her burger, and the rest of the team agrees, but Carol is stubborn on the choice, saying that her kids love it. J uses the challenge as a chance to make up for his poor service the week before, and pumps out the soup. Both teams finish their dishes on time.

Ramsay explains that he won’t be judging this time; the guest of honor will be. He calls out Max, the bar mitzvah boy with braces! (All together now: Awww!)

First up: the chicken soups. For the men, Gio presents a soup with fresh pasta and rice balls, and J looks on anxiously. For the women, Andrea brings up a spring chicken soup with vegetables and pasta. Max’s grandma loves the women’s soup, but Max thinks his friends will enjoy the men’s more, and he chooses Blue. Next, the brisket: Ben milks the Jewish background for all it’s worth, even throwing in a  “schmaltz” for good measure. LA presents her BBQ brisket with cherry sauce. Ben’s hopes for some good ol’ fashioned nepotism fall flat, and the women take the brisket challenge. The teams are tied (of course!). It’s down to the burger. Carol brings out her lamb/veal/kobe-combo burger stacked with bleu cheese, mushrooms and onions burger. Robert gives the kid his straight up huge kobe beef burger. Max has a tough decision, but he chooses the Blue team, and then cites the bleu cheese as the deal-breaker on the Red burger. The Red team is furious at Carol for not listening to their advice about the cheese.

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