Hell's Kitchen Recap: Best of 'Ten Chefs Compete'
Hell's Kitchen Recap: Best of 'Ten Chefs Compete'
On tonight's episode of Hell's Kitchen, Wolfgang Puck judges the chefs' cooking, but do their attitudes get in the way?

Top Five Moments:

5. This is Hell's Kitchen. This isn't Predictable Kitchen: Chef Ramsay wants to see leadership on the teams and so he asks each team to pick a leader. The red team wavers between Jennifer and Carrie (whose biggest cheerleader is herself) while the blue team picks Will. Ramsay then asks the team leaders to tell him the weakest leader on the team. Will throws Tommy under the bus while Team Leader Jennifer publicly doubts Carrie. Ramsay, of course, makes those two the leaders of the challenge.

4. If you were in Italy, they would arrest you for that: When the teams are asked to cook five American classes, both get stuck on pizza. Elise, predicably, has a problem with Carrie's game plan while Jonathon wants to do a barbeque pork pizza and when Tommy won't let him, he pouts and cops an attitude producing a pizza that both the blue team members are embarrassed to present.

3. I cook for Wolfgang Puck and he didn't throw up in a trash barrel: Chef Ramsay introduces Wolfgang Puck as the judge for the American classic challenge.

2. Where's Jonathon? The red team wins the challenge while the blue team has to clean both kitchens and the dorms. Jonathon, who has a crick in his neck, doesn't help out and instead takes a nap while the other players complete the losing task.

1. This is the US Coastguard! Hell's Kitchen feeds the US Coastguard and surprisingly, after their day together, the red team works together well. Meanwhile, the blue team is having a heck of a time. Natalie, still mad at Jonathon for not helping, won't communicate with him and the two, while working on appetizer together, won't even look at each other. Ramsay yells at Jonathon and Tommy and although Jonathon starts to rally, it doesn't look good for him or the blue team.

Next time on Hell's Kitchen, there's both love and hate in the air. Love in the dining room when a couple gets engaged in Hell's Kitchen and hate, of course, in the kitchen. See what happens when, despite tonight's bonding and working well together, the women get even angrier at each other.

Jennifer Leah Peck
Contributing Writer

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