'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Best of 'Fourteen Chefs Compete'
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Best of 'Fourteen Chefs Compete'
This week on Hell's Kitchen, the contestants chase chickens (and I don't mean the way they behave in the kitchen while cooking). Once they catch their chickens, they have to make chicken dishes. The red team wins!

Top Five Moments:

5. Everyone hates Carrie. In the House and in the kitchen: The show starts with the ladies fighting in the house. Apparently, their differences run deeper than the kitchen. Mean girls, real housewives, girls that gossip, let's add the women of Hell's Kitchen to the list of disagreeable women on tv.

4. Eat More Chicken: In order to cook their chicken dishes, the contestants must first catch their chickens. These Fox shows are really all about showing the public where their food comes from. (Those of you who tune in for Masterchef following Hell's Kitchen will know what I mean.)

3. Why did the chicken cross the road? To lose the go cart following him, of course: The red team wins the chicken challenge and as a reward, they get to go go carting. Because that makes sense. The blue team loses and has to make chicken stock, a little more of an appropriate punishment than reward, I'd say.

2. Chef Scott is mad: Chef Ramsey gets to take a break at yelling for a little bit tonight during service as Chef Scott verbally takes down Monterray over his bass. Monterray doesn't take the criticism sitting down and fights back in front of everyone, including celebrity judges Mark Spitz and Janet Evans. Later, the blue team must leave the kitchen after serving raw meat.

1. Goodbye, Chino: You might have guessed Monterray or, if you listened to the other contestants, Carrie or Elise. But no, Chino got kicked off tonight

Next time on Hell's Kitchen, Chef Ramsay promises us it's going to get tough and the word 'bloodbath' is used to describe the contestants. I don't think it's the chicken's blood they are talking about...

Jennifer Leah Peck
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of FOX)