'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Best of '12 Chefs Compete'
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Best of '12 Chefs Compete'
On this week's Hell's Kitchen, it's time to return to high school as the chefs have to prepare dishes for a high school reunion. And you thought high school was bad enough the first time around... I bet Chef Ramsay wasn't at your high school watching your every move...

Top Five Moments:

5. Game On. Again: Elise still believes it is her against all the other chefs and her Carrie continue to fight as much as they can about anything they can.

4. Carrie Takes Charge: Carrie is unable to take lessons from anyone in the kitchen aside from herself. She is confident her in her ideas and won't listen to anyone else.

3. Pescatarian: The red team makes a fatal flaw when putting bacon in a scallop dish for a judge who doesn't eat meat

2. High School Reunion: While Elise and Carrie are arguing, the chefs challenge is to prepare food for a high school reunion. Chef Ramsay, utterly disappointed (again), gets angry over the raw food served.

1. Red Team Crippled: The luau cake almost cripples the red team while the blue team's Monterey and Jonathan get in trouble in the kitchen again.

Next time on Hell's Kitchen, 11 chefs remain. The pressure to impress Chef Ramsay breaks the chefs in ways never seen before on Hell's Kitchen. Will both teams turn on each other?

Jennifer Leah Peck
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of FOX)