'Hell's Kitchen' Premiere Recap: A New Season, A New Unhappy Crew
'Hell's Kitchen' Premiere Recap: A New Season, A New Unhappy Crew
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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Hell's Kitchen is always fun to watch the first night. Would-be chefs arrive who want so badly to impress Gordon Ramsay, but never find success. This crop of 20 seems a little more aggressive than ever before and will do anything to win. So, let's sit back and get comfortable. It's probably going to get ugly quick since it's signature dish night!

The Chefs Arrive in Hell

After a recap of the previous 11 Hell's Kitchen seasons' winners and losers, the luxury bus arrives with the new chefs. Jean Phillipe meets them (yeah, he's back) and they enter a restaurant under full service. A blue team and red team are in the kitchen which upsets the new recruits. Ramsay has done a "soft opening" so they can see how he wants it run. Does this crew think they can do it? Of course, but the cracks are showing. After the restaurant crowd breaks out in a dance, Ramsay tells the recruits now you've been entertained, cook that signature dish. And they're off to the races!

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The Dishes (and Cooks) Fly

After a cartoonish opening that looks like a 30s mystery, the chefs begin to cook and immediately we see that the kitchens are crowded. Of course, with 10 chefs on each side, what else can we expect? One lady has left her protein out and there is only ten minutes to go. On the men's side, one chef feels a little intimidated due to his team's youthfulness. 

Ramsay begins the taste test to determine skill with a surprised crowd watching. Well, the good news is that he doesn't throw up. He does throw dishes away without tasting them, though. Highlights (or low lights) of the competition include a dish the men made with "canned" or "boxed" ingredients which gets thrown away (you would think the contestant would have known!), and a dish from the ladies that looks like vomit.

Probably the two most noticeable cooks are the Red Team's giggler and the Blue Team's member, Mike, who does the ultimate "no no" by making negative comments in Ramsay's hearing. He gets called out and at this point we may have our first early dismissal, folks.

The score is tied as Ramsay samples the last two dishes with the Red Team's birthday girl winning. The ladies get a night out at Ramsay's LA restaurant while the men must clean up Hell's Kitchen.

At dinner, Ramsay seems impressed by the women and their attitude. At the restaurant, the men seem to have "workers" and "managers." The managers don't understand the concept of work and one quickly slides away to the dorms for food. It is scary that the men don't even know how to operate a vacuum cleaner.

The War Starts

After getting their jackets, the chefs find a set of knives for each of them. Not knowing their personalities, this is scary; Ramsay could have just made a very big mistake giving these people knives. As the door opens and guests arrive, Ramsay expects a complete, clean, successful service. With a table-side Caesar salad, it should be an easy task for the chefs.

Immediately after the first order comes in to the Red Team, the kitchen goes quiet. That's not a good sign. Cracks are developing. The Blue Team meanwhile is confident and ready which is problematic, too. Confidence can lead to downfalls.

Ramsay finds that as dishes arrive, they just as quickly go out. After 45 minutes, still no food have reached the customers, and the mistakes are getting worse and worse. From undercooked risotto to undercooked scallops, he can't even find one dish that can go out to the floor. When one of the women says she is through, he offers her the chance to leave (which she doesn't take). The Blue Team is spotted using their finger to test food and get called out by Ramsay for unhealthy practices. The Red Team gets caught in a lie when Ramsay is told that the lobster tail is on its way and they hears the ladies say "drop it."

As the mistakes grow worse, the teams start to fall. First, three ladies exit the kitchen, then Ramsay sends the entire men's team out the door. After finding problems in the Red Team's dishes, all are banished. The women can't communicate and the men can't cook.

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Closing Time

After closing the restaurant down, Ramsay calls the chefs together and tells them that they must select two from each team for elimination. In the dorms, the ladies yell as they discuss. They can't seem to stop pointing fingers (mainly at Nicole). The men are calm in their meeting with no loud arguments visible. This is strange, since usually it is loud on both sides.

At nominations, the Blue Team put up Guarav and DeMarco while the Red Team selects Sandra and Nicole. All are told to step forward. Ramsay asks Nicole if she has lost her passion and if she's done but she gives him a quiet "no." Sandra tells Ramsay that she should stay because she had to babysit Nicole all night. Guarav thinks he should stay because he has the right attitude in the kitchen. DeMarco thinks he is the better cook. In the end, Ramsay sends Gaurav out the door.

Next week it looks like the attitude changes and true natures are shown. Who plays dirty first? 

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