'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: A Grecian Tragedy
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: A Grecian Tragedy
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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Hell's Kitchen goes "Southern" tonight with its cuisine. I really can't believe that Gordon Ramsay would serve fried chicken to his guests. Ever since I grew up, "Southern" the food always equals comfort food. Somehow I don't think the fried chicken my grandmother made would fit on Ramsay's table. Let's sit back and watch. This may get interesting, fast.

Dorm Life

As usual, we have the chefs telling us that they're the best even though they lost. There is one good thing in the dorms that night: no one threw a punch.

The Greek Challenge

Ramsay decides they still haven't learned to work as a team, so he's going to show them what team work means. Suddenly, a group of Greek sorority sisters come out chanting and are joined by two additional sororities. They're planning their 160th anniversary dinner and the theme must include Southern cooking. These chefs burn pizza and you expect grits? While the men enjoy looking at the ladies while they talk to Ramsay, I see the green eyed monster on the ladies' side. Ramsay gets there attention though when he tells them they must cook one chicken, one seafood, and one beef dish, and we are off on the challenge.

Kashia and Gabriel take control of their respective team. Personally, I don't think you can control these folks. My point is proven when the Blue Team decides that Southern cuisine doesn't use mayonnaise. I put mayonnaise on my hamburgers, thank you very much. Kashia does understand Southern food so there is hope for the Red Team.

The men win the chicken dish while the women win seafood. It comes down to the beef. The sorority sisters like both dishes, but they give the win to the Red Team. The Red Team will fly off to Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas where they will partake in a $500 shopping spree, while the men work on decorating the dining room under the girls' direction. Talk about sore losers! Gabriel and Roger let the sisters know exactly what they think of the Red Team winning. The Red Team also gets to meet Christine, the winner of year ten.

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The Phi Mu Dinner

The men are prepping when the ladies arrive gloating and smug. Ramsay tells them that the dinner is a huge responsibility and Jean Phillipe opens the doors. The girls are dressed in costumes from the different eras of their history.

Blue Team is up first. They're using their anger to get the food out and at first are successful. The Red Team though must have partied a little too hard as they can't seem to get their act together on the meat. First it is the crab cake, then the chicken. Everything, when it arrives at the pass, is raw. Ramsay decided to have a heart-to-heart with these stations out in the hall. Ramsay tells them to get their act together and plan ahead.

As dinner progresses, neither team can bring Ramsay anything but raw chicken. First the girls give Ramsay raw chicken and he feels the need for an intervention. The men aren't doing much better as Jacob just can't fry chicken. His teammates rally though and help him perfect the chicken. That's better than the Red Team, where it was every person for themselves. Oh, and did I mention that Bev likes to serve cold macaroni and cheese and can't remember the vegetarian entrée? I would say that was worse than Scott's lack of communication.

Ramsay isn't happy with either team. While the Blue Team wasn't good, they manage to win. The ladies must come up with two teammates for elimination and Joy immediately blames garnishes. What about chicken and crab cakes, Joy?

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Elimination Drama

Upstairs, the ladies argue over who is responsible for their trouble. Kashia does take responsibility for her mistakes but then blames her teammate, Jess. Jess refuses to go up because she didn't do any wrong. Isn't she supposed to support her teammate?

Ramsay asks Rochelle for the nominees and the first one is Bev because of the garnish station. The second nominee is Jessica because she failed to help Kashia. Jessica is mad and it shows. Bev admits to messing up the garnishes, but she's a team player. Jessica looks like she's going to cry but says she is a fighter. Now she's throwing Bev under the bus and they argue. Jessica declares herself a rock. Ramsay looks at the girls and sends Jessica back to the team. Bev is eliminated.

As Bev leaves, she may say the truest thing I have ever heard on Hell's Kitchen. She calls the others cry-babies. Kashia tells us she won't go down without a fight. Anton does know what it takes to win. He's going to help his team see they must work together. Can't Jessica do anything but cry? She is still tearing up during her confessional.

Next week Ramsay calls a meeting with each team member and allows them to speak their mind. Chef Ramsay are you sure they have a mind? All point their fingers at each other as the weakest cook. Learning what has been said, Jessica again starts to cry. I guess she thinks tears will get her past the week. 

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