'Hell's Kitchen': Ramsay Tosses Out Top Chef Just for the Halibut
'Hell's Kitchen': Ramsay Tosses Out Top Chef Just for the Halibut
This week's two-hour Hell's Kitchen was all about beauty and the budget. It started with six chefs, ended with four and a whole lot went on in between. The first hour was all about presentation. The chefs had to create a dish that looked as good it tasted. If Holli's salmon tasted like wallpaper paste, then she accomplished the mission. Her dish was colorless and limp. Jay came in fifth with his dish that looked like a playground in Whoville. Ed and Ben came out on top both with stacked fish dishes that actually looked good enough to eat. Imagine that.

Benjamin won the round by a slim margin and it was a fortuitous win since the prize was a makeover for a photo shoot on Epicurious.com. Before the shoot, Ben looked like a 12-year-old farm boy, but the stylists for the website managed to turn him into a rockin' young chef with a spiked haircut, trimmed brows and a trendy new wardrobe. Lookin' good.

The near win must have been too much for Ed because he totally lost it during dinner service. He was manning the fish station and he couldn't get it right. Undercooked scallops, overcooked scallops, and the halibut kept going out raw! In his defense, it did seem like the diners were ordering more fish than anything else on the menu, but maybe that's just the way they edited the show. When he reached his boiling point, Gordon Ramsay tossed both Ben and Ed out of the kitchen, but it was Ed and Autumn who were put up for elimination. Ramsay stripped Ed of his jacket for the halibut.

In the second hour, the chefs were tasked with cooking a luxury dish for under $10. Wait ... what? I can cook dinner for four under $10 and these guys had the nerve to grumble. The only thing more appalling was listening to the judges quote the price they'd pay for these meals, $25, $28, $30 for a single veal chop and some kumquats! Ridiculous. In a complete reversal of the first hour, Holli and Jay were on top and they won a day at a fancy hotel in Beverly Hills. More on that tomorrow.

When it came time for dinner service, Ramsay decided to test everyone's communication skills by forcing them to switch stations every few minutes, or hours, it's hard to tell with the way the show is cut. Autumn rose to the occasion and Holli did pretty well, too. Ben decided it would be a good time to contemplate his navel while Jason and Jay just floundered. Or should that be halibuted?

Ben landed in the bottom two with slow-moving Jason who ended up being the one to go home.

And then there were four, Jay and Ben, Holli and Autumn, and frankly, I can't see any one of them running a restaurant in a five-star hotel. But I guess that's Ramsay's problem, not mine. My problem is whittling down the this week's most embarrassing moments to only five. Come back here tomorrow to see which moments make the list when Hell's Kitchen Gets Awk-ward!

(Image courtesy of Patrick Wymore/FOX)