Hell's Kitchen: Preview of Episode 6.10 "7 Chefs Compete"
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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On tonight's episode of Hell's Kitchen, Suzanne is still there, hanging on to dear life, and I'm kind of loving it, if only because it annoys the hell out of it Tennille. "Suzanne the mouth" is now on the blue team, and from the looks of it, everyone is hell-bent on giving her a hard time. But regardless of whether she's going or not, tonight looks to be a pretty intense episode, with something harsh happening to Dave - so if he goes, Suzanne gets to stay one more week?

On "7 Chefs Compete" Gordon Ramsay shows the chefs a glimpse of The Araxi via a satellite tour. They then need to use 15 local ingredients that were flon in from Whistler to create three unique entrees. Olympic gold medalists Sasha Cohen and Jonny Moseley are guest-judging, and the winning team gets to eat with Mark Peel, while the losers are forced to do hard labor on a local farm.

Later in the episode, the remaining contestants join together to form one team. They then pair up for the "Taste It, Make It" challenge, in which they are asked to recreate a dish served in Gordon's restaurants. The winners of the challenge take a special behind-the-scenes tour of the restaurant at The London West Hollywood and eat lunch with Hell's Kitchen season 4 winner Christina Machamer. Come service time, Gordon Ramsay walks out of the kitchen for the first time.

On the last episode of Hell's Kitchen, we realized that some things simply never change. Sure, Suzanne was kind of trying her best to be a team person, but there's simply no hiding an annoying spirit. On the episode's crepe challenge, for instance, she was all trying to be helpful in the preparation, but come tasting time, Gordon Ramsay asked her what she prepared. In response, she retold the story of the crepe, complete with its merits and idiosyncrasies. Apparently, it wasn't just the girls who are visibly pissed with Suzanne. The guys were as well, and there'd probably be a party once she goes.

Sabrina taking pleasure in fake-punching Suzanne was pretty funny.

But then, Suzanne's arch enemy Tennille hadn't exactly been a charm either. Comments have been made about her channeling Wanda Sykes whenever she talks, and I'm actually curious if she's doing it in purpose. She kind of makes up for it because, along with Ariel, she's turning out to be one of the more reliable among the girls - but seriously, the two should shut up. And then, after they were made to decide among themselves who to nominate, Suzanne was all, oh I don't understand why I'm the bad guy! That cracked me up.

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