'Hell's Kitchen' Host Says Muirhead and Harper Deserving of Final Two Spots
On Monday, August 13, viewers will find out which of the two remaining finalists will be crowned the third winner of Hell's Kitchen.  26-year-old Bonnie Muirhead, a nanny and personal chef from Los Angeles, California and 30-year-old Rock Harper, an executive chef from Spotsylvania, Virginia, each have a good number of people rooting for them, and even the usually foul-mouthed host of the series, Gordon Ramsay, was able to muster up some words of praise for Muirhead and Harper.

"The two finalists deserve to be where they are.  The end is always a tough call.  For one, it's the end of a dream, and for the other, it's just the beginning," Ramsay told USA Today.  "Bonnie has a phenomenal palate.  Chefs across America would love to have what she can taste - a natural ability to connect with food.  Rock is determined and can cook really well.  However, he is bad-tempered, so can he run a brigade?  Can he inspire?"

With Muirhead's “natural ability” to cook and Harper's “determination” to do well, the 40-year-old Scottish celebrity chef said they possess qualities that make up a perfect chef.

"Natural instinct is just something you can never buy," Gordon Ramsay told USA Today.  "There is a level of complexity that must connect with a chef's instincts in the kitchen.  These things, plus a combination of hard work and determination."

The third season of Hell's Kitchen, which started out with 12 aspiring restaurateurs, was definitely more difficult than the previous installments, according to Ramsay.

"This year was tough," he said. "Every year, we raise the bar.  But some say some contestants were not as up to speed as in previous seasons.  Regardless, the pressure was still there.  And this season was a lot more intense, with animosity in and out of the kitchen."

This season also displayed several culinary shortcuts, from Jen Yemola's attempt to serve pasta she had already thrown in the trash to Joanna Dunn's rotten crab meat.

"Oh, my God, the place would close down," Gordon Ramsay said of Yemola and Dunn's attempts to cut corners.  "That split second of stupidity could be detrimental to the restaurant."

Ramsay also said that he would rather the viewers of Hell's Kitchen learn that hard work, and not taking shortcuts, is the right path to success.

"Youngsters can see the results from hard work," he told USA Today.  "They need to understand discipline.  And not just necessarily with cooking or running a restaurant, but that whatever they do, they will do it well."

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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