'Hell's Kitchen' Gets Awk-ward
When the producers put together this week's two-hour episode of Hell's Kitchen, I suspect they wanted you to watch every minute. Unfortunately, there were quite a few moments that were so cringe-worthy they made me want to switch over to America's Got Talent. Here's my countdown of the Top Five Awkward Moments from this week's double episode of Hell's Kitchen.

5. In the second challenge of the evening, the chefs were tasked with creating an elegant meal for under $10. Some served lamb, some veal while Jason served frozen ravioli that he defrosted then covered with a dreary sauce. When describing his dish to three top gourmands, he told them about the meal's icy beginnings. Their reaction left Jason uttering, "the ravioli was clearly a bad move on my part." Ya think?

4. After the first challenge, the losers were tasked with cleaning the dining area until it sparkled to JP's satisfaction. A request to properly polish the wood turned into the first in a long line of double entendres that involved spraying, choking and being on your knees. Hysterically funny, if you're a drunken frat boy. Otherwise, not so much. 

3. As part of her prize, Holli got to take Jay out to lunch at a fancy hotel in Beverly Hills with JP along to chaperone. Only, the last time I checked, chaperones are supposed to discourage sexual contact, not encourage it. So here's JP asking the waiter how much it would cost if Holli and Jay wanted to rent a "nuptial" room for the night. JP, honey, here in the United States, it's by the hour not by the night. At least the waiter had the good sense to look mortified as he informed the trio that, "we're not that type of hotel." 

2. After riding a bad wave for most of the night, Ben thought it would be a good idea to help expedite while Chef Ramsay was on a suspiciously uncharacteristic break. He barely finished calling out the next order when Chef Scott got in his face with an attitude that would make the staunchest drill sergeant cower in fear. He delivered his message only inches from Ben's face and topped it off with a spit-laden pop on the word "pass." Ben's going to have nightmares about that moment for a long time to come. 

1. After spending the day together getting pampered in Beverly Hills, Holli and Jay decided it would be fine to continue their kanoodling in the communal hot tub back at the dorm since the other chefs were busy completing their punishment chores. The flirting was bad enough but I had to turn away when Holli started wiggling her butt right into Jay's lap! Lucky for the audience, Autumn showed up and put an end to their activities. Seriously, folks, is this this Rock of Love or Hell's Kitchen? Sleazy! 

Next week the guys and girls make a pact to stand together against the other but backstabbing is on the menu in an all-new episode of Hell's Kitchen. Tune in to see what happens, Tuesday, July 7 at 8pm on FOX. 

(Image courtesy of Patrick Wymore/FOX)