Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.9 Recap
Last week on Hell's Kitchen, things went terribly wrong for Matt when he accidentally sliced the top of his finger off.  Despite the fact that he may have mixed it in with some sizzling pancetta, this still wasn't enough for Chef Gordon Ramsay to send him home.  Instead, Ramsay decided to finally get rid of the dead weight known as Rosann.  The amateur cook had been screwing things up for weeks, but Ramsay finally had enough when she ran out of both carrot puree and gnocchi during a busy dinner service.

Tonight's episode of Hell's Kitchen not only features a wacky culinary relay race, but also an elimination that is shocking even by this show's standards.

After elimination, Matt apologizes to the team for failing yet again during dinner service.  Corey says that he'd make a better used car salesman than a chef, which I definitely agree with.  The next day, Ramsay lets the contestants know about the relay race challenge.  They'll be making three dishes:  scallops, John Dory, and chicken.  One chef from each team will cook for six minutes, then they'll pass it off to the next chef until everyone has a chance to get their hands dirty.  Everyone except Louross that is, who is sitting things out to make the teams even.

Matt and Petrozza are the first members of their teams to enter the kitchen.  After six minutes have passed, the next duo comes in and figures out what needs to be done.  It's a complicated challenge, especially since it's tough to keep things organized and figure out which tasks have already been completed.

With all the dishes plated up, Ramsay moves in for the tasting.  The women's team does a better job with the scallops, but their John Dory looks absolutely dreadful.  Even though it's missing the sauce, Ramsay prefers the men's fish, which leaves both teams tied.  It all comes down to the chicken dishes.  The women are missing baby leeks from the dish, and the men are missing the sauce once again.  Ramsay decides to crown the women's team the winner, mainly because Jen forgot the sauce on two dishes in a row.  The blue team now hates her more than ever.

This week, the winners of the challenge get to frolic around the beach, while the losers stay behind and scrub down the entire restaurant.  I'm quite thankful that I'm not on this show, because all of these punishments involving manual labor would kill me.  It doesn't kill the contestants, but it does make them crankier than ever.  After growing tired of her babbling, Bobby snaps at Jen and tells her not to boss him around.

As dinner service approaches, Ramsay tells the chefs that they're throwing out the menu for the evening.  The teams get to come up with their own appetizer, entrée, and dessert.  The women quickly agree on a menu, but Jen holds up the men's team with her stubbornness and refusal to cooperate.  I actually enjoyed Jen a few weeks ago, but she's becoming more of a nuisance with every passing moment.  Instead of standing up to her, Louross and Bobby decide to let her have her way and watch as she fails miserably.

When the men's team presents their menu to Ramsay, he thinks it sounds absolutely hideous.  Their entrée is halibut wrapped in squash, which doesn't sound appetizing at all.  Jen admits that the menu was her idea, so Ramsay asks the rest of the team to step up and submit their own suggestions.  They quickly come up with three dishes that don't sound revolting, leaving Jen to feel like a bit of an idiot.

Hell's Kitchen is open!  Each customer gets to decide which menu they want to order from, and the popularity of the dishes will help determine the winning team.  While Matt sends out salty, undercooked pasta on the red team, the blue team gets their shrimp cocktail appetizers out rather quickly.  However, things go down the tubes when Petrozza tries to send out lettuce without washing it first.  Ah, the lovely taste of bacteria.

Chef Ramsay thinks the pasta is terribly salty because Matt is sweating into it.  That may be the grossest thing I've ever heard, but it's not the first time a contestant has had that problem on Hell's Kitchen.  After continuously screwing up the appetizers, Christina takes Matt off the station and tries to get things back on track.

While Matt tries to control his sweating problem, Ramsay screams at Louross for sending out raw steak. Three of the entrées have been returned by customers, and Ramsay threatens to shut the station down if it happens again.  On the red team, Matt moves to the vegetable station, but he still fumbles about and serves up unseasoned crap.  Corey takes over for him, leaving Matt without much to do.

As dinner service continues, the red team pulls ahead thanks to the teamwork of Corey and Christina.  With Matt out of the way they manage to get their entrées out rather quickly, but the blue team continues to have problems.  Jen and Bobby clash over the cleanliness of her station, and when she serves up a worthless soufflé, Ramsay tells her to turn her stove off.  Despite the setback, Jen manages to get another dessert out with the help of Bobby and Petrozza.

Surprisingly, both teams make it through dinner service without killing one another.  Ramsay is disappointed with most of the contestants, but he deems the blue team the losers for tonight.  Petrozza, being the best of the worst, has to choose two of his teammates for elimination.  He picks Louross and Jen, and then assumes that Ramsay will make the tough decision.  However, Ramsay feels like doing things differently tonight.  He asks Petrozza to decide who should go home.

After a moment of deliberation, Petrozza says that Louross should be the one eliminated.  He takes off his jacket and leaves, but Ramsay isn't done with the chefs just yet.  He calls Matt up to stand with Jen, then tells each of them that they'll be going back to their old teams.  The men will have to deal with Matt once again, and the women will have to readjust to loudmouthed Jen.

Check back tomorrow for our exclusive interview with Louross.  Next week on Hell's Kitchen, season 3 winner Rock Harper returns!

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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