Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.9 Dine or Dash?
Last week, Gordon Ramsay cut some dead weight in Hell's Kitchen when he sent home Rosann, who had slipped so far in the competition she'd become more of a liability than an asset in the kitchen. This week, it was Louross who was sent home, ostensibly by Petrozza, but let's face it: if Ramsay didn't agree, he never would have gone with that choice.

But Louross was only one weak link in a service that challenged several of the chefs. So who was an asset and who was just some more of that dead weight?


It was a pretty obvious week this week. Corey and Christina overcame past difference and worked together like the proverbial well-oiled machine, even shoring up the weakness of their teammate Matt. Although it might not have been solely their menu, the fact was that in addition to their good performance in the kitchen, they also were on the team with the menu Ramsay liked a lot right off the bat.


Louross makes it into the Dash category this week. I'd like him from the start for having that hustle, but as Ramsay pointed out, it's no good to move fast if you aren't cooking well.

Speaking of hustle, Jen was rightly spared from getting sent home because her overall skill level is still probably higher. But this episode showed that just as Louross quickness couldn't make up for his weaknesses, Jen's forceful leadership can't make up for her blind spots. She'd better learn to chill out a bit and be humble or her ego is going to take her right out the door. Petrozza made a very good observation when he said that Jen thinks she has more to teach than learn but she doesn't.

(Aside: he's not on this list, but Petrozza's messiness seems like it would make Ramsay reluctant to hire him in the kitchen. That said, maybe he can find a role as consigliere or in Ramsay's Human Resources since Ramsay seems to respect his judgment and maturity.)

Matt's on the list once again. He couldn't get it together with the pasta and his pouty, verging-on-tantrum reaction makes me think he can't possibly last long.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of Fox)