Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.8 Predictions
Last week on Hell's Kitchen 4, Matt joined the women's team and redeemed himself by not sucking. He managed to master that most frightening of Hell's Kitchen starters, the risotto, which has humbled many a chef during a service.

Will Matt be able to keep up the good work? Maybe he is just the kind of person who doesn't perform best in a pack of alpha dogs jostling for top spot; rather he's best in the pride of lionesses who use cooperative teamwork to accomplish their hunting. That's valid, but won't Gordon Ramsay ultimately want someone who can master either type of work environment?

That still remains to be seen, so based on past performance, it would appear that unless Rosann has a stellar night, she should be the one on the chopping block. However, I'm having déjà vu as I write this because this isn't the first week that I've written something along those lines. Why does she keep sticking around?

Although she seems to be choking in recent episodes, she did have one of the very few dishes that Ramsay actually found adequate in the first episode of this season of Hell's Kitchen. She also showed some gumption early on when she took control of one of the first services. Maybe Ramsay has been giving her another shot because she initially showed more potential than some of the other chefs.

How long can that continue, though? Ramsay is mercurial at times with his choices, but one can't ride forever on early success.

Jen found herself in his crosshairs last week for what he perceived to be her sassing back at him. She seems like she's been a strong competitor in the past but Ramsay's sent chefs home for less in the past.

Of course, the real question for this episode is: who cuts off the top of their finger? And is Fox trying to convince me that shot from the preview of the meat in the sauté pan included the severed tip of the finger? Just when you think reality tv has bottomed out, they find a new depth to sink to…We'll tune in, of course, to give you all the gory details.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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