Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.6 Predictions
Last week on Hell's Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay spared the remaining chefs from elimination since Vanessa opted out of the competition due to her burnt hand.

The teams put Louross and Christina on the chopping block last week, but Ramsay didn't hesitate to let the women know that he felt they made a mistake. Rosann had committed greater errors during the service and initially seemed to be the obvious nominee for the women.

Louross botched some meat, and it was apparently for this the men decided he was the weakest link. It's possible there was more to it than that. After all, the previous week Matt sent out undercooked chicken. If the chefs still find Louross to be the worst cook, you have to wonder what didn't make it into the final episode.

So who could go home this week from Hell's Kitchen? Well, for this week, I think it's more obvious to say who is probably safe.

I think that Jen, Christina, Bobby and Ben are safe, with there being different reasons for the men vs. the women.

For the women, I think they are safe due to Ramsay's respect. While Christina is not liked by her peers, and ergo might be nominated, by now they should know he is more than happy to override a nomination. If someone like Rosann makes another major misstep, and isn't nominated, I think he respects Christina's potential and smarts too much to send her home.

Jen, as well, has performed in a way that can generally win Ramsay's positive attention. I think, again, even if she has a bad night and is nominated, Ramsay would spare her because of the leadership and drive she has demonstrated before.

On the men's side, I think Bobby and Ben are safe because they seem to have fallen into an alliance, and the strength of their personality seems to sway the other men. So it seems unlikely that they would allow each other to go up for nomination, and so unless one does something really criminally stupid in the kitchen, I doubt that Ramsay would call them out to be sent home otherwise.

Shayna might also be safe. We haven't gotten to see very much of her, but in early episodes of Hell's Kitchen (which takes the American Idol path of entertaining you with the worst first), this is a good thing. She's been under the radar and seems to be kind of bring so maybe she's got some potential.

Petrozza started out being edited to appear a bit buffoonish, but he's been improving and showing leadership in the kitchen, so maybe he has more potential than early episodes would have seemed to indicate. On the other hand: Hen in a Pumpkin.

So on the women's side, I think this leaves Corey and Rosann vulnerable, and on the men's Louross and Matt, with Petrozza as a wild card. We'll find out what happens on this week's Hell's Kitchen.

- Leslie Seaton,  BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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