Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.6 Dine or Dash?
Memo to Hell’s Kitchen producers: if you’re going to use a wildly over-the-top stereotype of a gay man for something like your party planner, at least put him in a suit that said stereotypical gay man would actually wear. I guess I shouldn’t expect more from this show. Sometimes it’s like Hell’s Kitchen was shot in 1954; women are called “girls” and the idea of them in the workplace is shocking! What’s next? Ladies wearing pants?

Anyway, this week’s episode featured a Sweet Sixteen party, which, come to think of it, made me want to go back to 1954 for at least one thing: teaching young people to stand up straight. The birthday girl was pretty but strapless dress + bad posture = bad idea.

Somehow, though, she and her fellow guests seemed pleased enough by what the Hell’s Kitchen chefs produced and both teams ended the night with success. Of course, though, there were some low points and so we’ll take a look at the best (Dine) and worst (Dash) performances of the evening.


The women obviously did well enough to get through service but no one chef seemed to really standout in the final edit, so only Bobby from the men’s side makes it onto my list. While his taking over of the fish station agitated Matt and Gordon Ramsay at least appeared to be mildly irritated, it was the best move in order to get the correct dish out to the birthday girl’s mom.


On the bad side, Rosann managed to avoid being sent home, but Ramsay still had to step in himself to cook her meat for her. Need I say more?

Matt is on my list for generally getting on my nerves. If you’re getting alpha-dogged by your teammates, the solution is not to run and complain to the boss. If you don’t have the respect of your teammates, whining about getting not getting respect is not a way to get respect. Also I want to give him Botox to unfurrow his brow. That constant look of consternation is not helping matters.

I thought Shayna’s lack of airtime on Hell's Kitchen meant she was sliding under the radar in a good way, but it turns out I was wrong. While she was slow in service, she still seemed like she wasn’t a total train wreck, so I didn’t think she deserved to go home so I’m leaving her off the list.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of Fox)