Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.5 Predictions
Even with the less complex dishes Gordon Ramsay gave his underlings to make on last week's Hell's Kitchen 4, the chefs still struggled with getting out a successful service. The women managed to complete theirs, but not without an accident that could possibly cost Vanessa her spot in the competition. The men continued to be a little bumbling as Craig, Ben and Matt created some issues with the outgoing dishes.

What will happen on this week's Hell's Kitchen 4? Will Ramsay be able to clear out two chefs this week if Vanessa is forced to leave due to her injury? Because you know it's highly unlikely that if she voluntarily leaves, Ramsay will let all the chefs stay another week. The producers might want that in order to keep the same number of episodes…but you know that every week he is just chomping at the bit to toss someone else aside. So who could that be?

Matt is definitely looking to be a likely candidate. He made Ramsay hork in the first episode of Hell's Kitchen, and served raw chicken to children. I don't think I even need to elaborate any further; that's kind of enough.

Ben got into trouble with Ramsay last episode, but his crimes were minor in comparison, so unless he got so rattled he can't recover, I just don't see him trending out this week.

On the women's side, Corey's arrogance might not necessarily be a precursor to failure in and of itself…but when someone is edited to be as unappealing of a personality as she has, you have to wonder how long she is going to stick around in the competition.

Because the women did relatively well last episode, I have to go back to the prior episode in order to track down someone else who might go. Rosann did well initially in the competition, but made some blunders over recent previous episodes. This episode could show us which way she's ultimately going to go in the competition.

And of course, we'll also get to see in the episode whether or not Vanessa can continue due to her burn from the hot oil issue last week. Tune in to this week's Hell's Kitchen to find out!

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Image courtesy of Fox)