Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.5 Dine or Dash?
Last night on Hell’s Kitchen, the chefs did something that most viewers wouldn’t expect: they completed a second successful service. Even with the extra-added (and somewhat random) challenge for the men of needing to deliver pizzas during the evening, everyone managed to pull it together, and the errors were – in the context of Hell’s Kitchen – relatively minor.

The chefs earned the mercy of Gordon Ramsay who decided that Vanessa’s departure for her injury was enough for the evening. But there were still some chefs called out as best and worst, and here are my picks for those as well.


Okay, I wasn't thrilled with her targeting of Christina, but you have to hand it to Jen: the girl has some hustle. She seems to have a good palate as her pizza was apparently uniformly liked by her team, and Ramsay named her the winner of the challenge. Considering the simplicity of her ingredients - it's not exactly innovative or upscale to use prosciutto, sun-dried tomatoes, an herb crust and/or basil in a pizza - she must really have some "wow" factor in how she puts it all together. Since Ramsay had just showed them an upscale truffle pizza, I thought for sure her selection of relatively basic ingredients would raise his ire, but it just goes to show he responds to delicious food first.

Petrozza also makes it on my list for jumping in to help Louross when he didn't need to. I don't know what Ramsay would have thought of his little trick with the steak, but it passed muster and didn't appear to come back from the diner. The men have been very challenged with demonstrating anything approaching teamwork, so this display of helpfulness by Petrozza was impressive. While this is a competition, right now they are working as a team and the goal is to get successful food out to the customer, so Petrozza stepped up and his efforts helped keep at least one customer happy.


Since previous services in Hell's Kitchen have included raw chicken being sent out to diners, Rosann's crime of getting flustered on the vegetable station might seem relatively minor. Nevertheless, since the rest of the service went pretty smoothly, she was clearly the weakest link in the kitchen, even if her teammates might have liked her more than the chef, Christina, that they put up for elimination..

I was surprised to see Louross falter; I had thought he had seemed sharper than that in previous episodes. I have to put him on the list because he was one of the poorest performers in the service, but I will be interested to see if he can improve next week.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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