Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.4 Predictions

On the last episode of Hell's Kitchen 4, Gordon Ramsay kicked off Jason for general incompetence.

However, that doesn't really make this job of predicting who could go next any easier: there's a lot of incompetence to go around, as is usual on Hell's Kitchen.

Which chefs seem likely to falter once again in the pressure-cooker environment of the kitchen as we head into the fourth episode in this season of Hell's Kitchen?

Vanessa showed in the first episode that she has a good palate and can make food that Ramsay enjoys eating. However, she seems to really be struggling with the actual service piece of the equation. Even if it was just a case of performance-anxiety related yips, her concerned reaction after last week's service shows she has been rattled by the experience. A lack of self-confidence can wreak havoc on even the most talented of chefs, and self-doubt can lead to critical errors in the kitchen. I get the feelings this is a make or break week for Vanessa on Hell's Kitchen. Either she pulls it together or she might be vulnerable

Craig also seems like he could easily find his way into Ramsay's crosshairs. The giant chef's he wore in the first episode of Hell's Kitchen seemed to annoy Ramsay. If you are going to pull a stunt like that, you need to have some serious skills to back it up. Craig's inability to succeed in the chicken challenge not only failed to convince Ramsay of his skills, it also cost him the respect of his crew.

Two other chefs could also be on their way out, if editing is any clue. Rosann's errors have gotten her a little bit more screen time, while Shayna seems to be firmly off the editor's go-to list. Neither edit is a good sign of longevity in the reality world.

While these four chefs have their red flags raised a smidge higher this week, that doesn't mean that everyone else is safe. Everyone else has seemed to have at least one bobble (I think Louross might be one of the few exceptions since it seems like his issues have been more the result of others' poor timing, if I remember correctly). Those fumbles or minor errors can easily bloom into total catastrophe during service on Hell's Kitchen, so we'll see how that plays out in episode four.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Image courtesy of Fox)