Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.4 Dine or Dash?
You have to give it to Hell's Kitchen. Only this show can turn the process of pasta-making into a high-tension event.

Last night's episode had Gordon Ramsay attempting to give the chefs an easier time by creating a family service that included dishes like onion rings and pasta. We saw the women pull together a successful service and the fellows struggling to focus.

So which chefs performed the best (Dine) and which the worst (Dash) on last night's episode of Hell's Kitchen?


Jen might be annoying to some viewers, but she appeared to have the hustle and drive to get her team motivated to move. Bobby still needs to redeem himself from his initial “Four-Star General” hubris, and he did make some progress towards that last night.

I almost put Shayna on the list because at last she made it into the edit of this episode of Hell's Kitchen.

There were more to choose from on the negative side.


Craig went home and it was well-deserved. He had yet to perform even at a mediocre level. He hadn't managed to do well in either the reward or elimination challenges, and his frustration caused him to lose his temper with Ramsay, never a good move.

I realize he could just be getting an unfair edit, but I'm adding Matt to the list because he is now taking Jason's spot as the chef with the worst appearance of being freshly clubbed on the head into a state of stunned uselessness. I haven't been impressed with him so far – his little clothes-throwing fit after the men lost last week's reward challenge was absurd – and his standing with arms outstretched ready for the pasta this week was just ridiculously clueless. Add to that the uncooked chicken and he seems on the short list to be eliminated.

Corey is on my list because I am not impressed with how she left her fellow chefs to clean the kitchen because she was tired. Again, maybe it's an editing thing, but that seemed kind of trashy.

I am not adding Ben to the list, even though he got onto Ramsay's bad side this week, mainly because his main faults were limp onion rings (and come on, we all know that at least 50% of the onion rings we've ever eaten in our lives were limp so it's clearly a hazard of the dish) and misplaced enthusiasm. He still at least doesn't seem like a total idiot (which can be saying a lot for this show), shoveled horse poop without being too whiney about it and is cute. That's right, I'm keeping him off the Dash list because he's cute. It's my article and I make the rules. I promise if he does something unforgivably boneheaded, it will negate any of his cute points and he will be demoted appropriately

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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