Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.3 Recap
Last week on Hell's Kitchen, Chef Gordon Ramsay yelled a lot while 14 contestants scrambled frantically to put together a speedy dinner service.  Of course they failed rather miserably, though some fared worse than others.  Corey elected Christina and Jen for elimination for purely personal reasons, but ultimately Ramsay decided that Sharon should go home for her inability to move any entrées.

Going into tonight's episode, tensions among the ladies are at an all time high after Corey's sneaky move.  Can they put their personal issues aside and make it through dinner service alive?

I've yet to comment on how absolutely hilarious this season's Gulliver's Travels inspired opening credits sequence is.  Every time I see the lilliputian chefs tossing around tomatoes and turning oven dials, I just die laughing.

Anyway, as the episode begins, Jen and Christina are understandably pissed at Corey for her decision to nominate them for elimination.  Petrozza thinks that Corey may be evil.  Someone should check for a 666 under her chef's hat.

Ramsay decides to wake up the chefs by letting live chickens loose in their apartments.  He tells them to grab a chicken and head to the kitchen, where he freaks them out by making them think they'll have to kill the animals.  After the fake out, he has them put the live birds away and asks them to cut up some dead ones instead.  The goal is for each chef to cut their chicken into eight pieces according to Chef Ramsay's standards.  They have five minutes.

The women's team successfully cuts a total of 44 perfect chicken pieces.  Corey does an excellent job, much to the dismay of Christina.  The men's team loses the competition thanks to Craig mangling his bird.  The men have to go out in the flaming heat and pick peppers from a farm, while the ladies get a nice reward.

Well, maybe it's not exactly a nice reward.  The ladies go to a restaurant and meet Aaron from season 3. You'll remember him as the crying, fainting, hysterical chef who made us all laugh with his incompetence. He claims that he doesn't cry much anymore, but somehow I don't believe him.  I kind of miss Aaron and his crazy bipolar ways.

Back at the apartment, some of the girls have decided to distract the guys by pretending they find them attractive.  Incredibly revolting Jason falls for Corey's charms and jumps into the hot tub, but Ben is too smart for the ploy.  The ladies coerce Jason into talking smack about all of his teammates.  Ah, it's amazing what warm water, attractive women, and free beer can make a man do.

Hell's Kitchen is open!  For the second part of the men's punishment, Bobby will have to cook tableside during dinner service.  He claims he won't have a problem with it.  He is a four-star General after all.

Craig is on appetizers tonight, and he has a lot to prove after screwing up the chicken challenge.  Ben calls him an idiot, and Matt compares his whining to Edith's from All in the Family.  After 90 minutes, the first appetizers finally leave the kitchen.

Also not faring very well is Jason.  After failing to memorize the dessert menu, Ramsay sends him off to study.  However, when he comes back he still can't rattle off the desserts when he's asked to.  Ramsay asks him if he wants to go home, and Jason says he does.  That sounds like a good plan to me.  I'm ready for the slovenly misogynist to get out of here.  Unfortunately it's not going to happen just yet, because he eventually remembers the desserts and gets back to work.

While the men continue to struggle, the women don't fare very well either.  Rosann gets some crab in the Caesar salad, causing Ramsay to develop an ulcer right on the spot.  His ulcer ruptures when she burns four pieces of meat by catching a pan on fire.

While Rosann can't seem to handle her meat, Ben has trouble cooking salmon correctly.  As for Jason, he says that his desserts look terrible because women are supposed to cook desserts.  I. . .I have no words for that.  His Neanderthalic ways have made me speechless.

After Ben's raw salmon causes Ramsay to have a nervous breakdown, he declares that both teams are losers tonight.  Christina and Petrozza, being the best of the worst, have to elect one member from their respective teams for elimination.  Christina, putting aside her hatred of Corey for a few moments, decides to elect Vanessa for her failure to handle the meat station.  Petrozza chooses Jason for his complete failure at life.

The person leaving Hell's Kitchen tonight is. . .Jason!  I'm not exactly torn up by this turn of events.  If you want to see what Jason has to say for himself, check back tomorrow for our exclusive interview with him.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of FOX)