Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.2 Predictions
Hell's Kitchen 4 got off to a pretty typical start last week, with the chefs being thrown right into the competition, the first night in the restaurant going badly, and Gordon Ramsay having a fit during service and shut down the kitchen. The usual.

The structure of Hell's Kitchen is focused on how well a chef performs under the grinding pressure of a restaurant service. A kitchen is a team effort, though, so sometimes, an individual chef's performance is negatively impacted not so much by their own weakness, but by the weakness of those around them. Because of this, it can sometimes take a few services to start to get a good sense of which chefs really have the goods and which ones are destined to be sent home by Ramsay.

Right now, the majority of the chefs are pretty much wild cards. Sure, most seemed to serve up crappy dishes to Ramsay in their first challenge on Hell's Kitchen, but that is to be expected. A happy Ramsay kind of defeats the purpose of Hell's Kitchen. And service was a mess, but again, that's going to be expected for the next few episodes as they get used to working together, working as a team, and mastering new dishes.

That said, last week a few chefs did seem to demonstrate better skills than others throughout the service. Louross showed strong leadership when Bobby faltered in taking on the responsibilities of a captain. He seems to have to have the hustle and energy you need in the kitchen, plus a good sense of how to keep the team organized. He also seems out of place on this show. With that haircut, isn't he supposed to be on Top Chef

Rosann, on the women's team, did well both in the individual initial challenge and in the service. She seasoned her signature dish properly, and was pulled in by Ramsay to take over when Vanessa failed to demonstrate the necessary assertiveness. Rosann jumped right in and started organizing the crew, but she also hesitated and worried that Vanessa was mad at her for doing so. A good service is going to depend more on pleasing the customers than making friends, and she will need to stay focused on the end result.

Bobby might have failed as a captain, but at this stage of the competition, Ramsay seems more likely to be a heat-seeking missile that - instead of heat – is homing on weeding out the slow, passive and dim-witted. Bobby at least had enough drive to get to be team captain, regardless of how he botched it once he got there.

Jason, on the other hand, took a smoke break at the start of service, and never got his head in the game. Unless he can get it together, he seems to be likely to be in Ramsay's cross-hairs.

Vanessa seemed to blanch at the idea of taking a strong hand in the kitchen. Maybe it was just first night jitters, but if she can't demonstrate to Ramsay that she can be a leader, there's no reason to keep her in the game. Anyone hesitant to take control and give orders simply won't make it as an executive chef.

The next episode of Hell's Kitchen will air on Tuesday. Who do you think will do well and who do you think could be heading home in the next episode?

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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