Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.2 Dine or Dash?
Last night was the second episode of Hell's Kitchen 4 and we saw again that this show certainly believes in practicing what it preaches. In the actual kitchen, the goal is to follow to the recipes and be consistent. In the show Hell's Kitchen, sticking to the formula is the name of the game.

Once again, we've got the “Barbie” contestant who is supposedly more interested in makeup than cooking, we've got the idea that losing to a woman is more humiliating than simply losing, and we've got Ramsay giving a chef the power to nominate two others for elimination only to pick someone else entirely. Like a good restaurant, if you make a return trip to Hell's Kitchen, you're sure to get something exactly like what you got before, including some chefs who seem like they might be worth a two-hour wait to Dine and others who seem more likely to make us Dash for the nearest exit of Hell's Kitchen.

With everyone still getting the feel for the dishes and the flow of service, and with the crucial elements of timing meaning that each station's performance is intertwined and dependent on another, even stronger chefs can struggle to put out a good dish. That said, at least three chefs seemed to be on top of their game this episode – or, at least, they didn't screw up too obviously. Here are my picks for Dine – the best overall performance of the night last night.


Corey might not have done well with the fish portioning challenge, but she at least redeemed herself during service by producing something that didn't move Ramsay to rage. Ben did really well with the portioning and appears to be able to keep his head in the kitchen. Louross might just be on my list mainly for looking sharp. There's something about the Hell's Kitchen experience that can make even the quickest wit look like a mouthbreather who has just been freshly clubbed on the head. But Louross at least seems alert and fast-moving.


Not so much for Jason. I'm sure he's not that dim, but clearly under pressure, there's a bit of a dip in his cognitive abilities. We've seen this before with some chefs who later got a grip, but for now, his chances seem dicey, so he's on our Dash list – those chefs with the worst performance of the night.

Sharon seemed destined to be sent home once she got into Ramsay's crosshairs. It must be difficult to recover once you've been targeted and rattled by getting on his bad side. She didn't appear to be able to get it together and her time was up.

Rosann did well last episode, but this one made the second-worst possible error you can make in Hell's Kitchen. First-worst error? Screwing anything up. Second-worst? Trying to keep anything from Ramsay. She tried to not call attention to how backed up her team was by holding onto the tickets from the table. We've seen it time and time again with Ramsay: he's not fond of the crime, but the cover-up can really make him go batcrap crazy on you.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of Fox)