Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.13 Dine or Dash?
Once again this week, Hell's Kitchen unintentionally scores one for vegetarians when another trained palate is unable to discern the kind of protein used in a dish. Granted, Corey just mistook one kind of meat for another, but that, along with the challenge where the chefs didn't even realize they were eating meat substitutes, might give some veggies some ammunition about how important the taste of meat really is.

But that's really not the main point to consider when assessing how well the chefs did in this episode that brought the final three down to the last two standing, Christina and Petrozza. Of those three, though, beyond Gordon Ramsay's picks, who had the best performances of this episode of Hell's Kitchen and who fell flat?


Christina had some trouble on the seafood station, but she proved again that her palate can rise above her overall few years of experience by winning the individual challenge as well as performing well in the service when she was in charge of expediting. She caught the sabotaged dish and her attention to detail might well make up for her shorter overall career as a chef.


Petrozza, on the other hand, made it to the final two because he does have some good ability, but his attention to detail was not as strong this episode. He missed ingredients in the individual challenge and at service. While Ramsay has been more lenient about his messiness lately, he really needs to tighten things up in the finale if he wants to overtake Christina.

Corey was sent home, even though she has demonstrated some good skills throughout the season. For her, it was a question of just missing the mark; her sauce in the individual challenge was spot on, but her missing the meat meant she was out of the game. In service, she was able to get her dishes out, but she also didn't catch her sabotaged dish until a little too late. It seems like her talent is there, but nerves got the best of her in this final run.

Next week, we'll learn which of the final two will become the winner of this season of Hell's Kitchen.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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