Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.12 Recap
Hell's Kitchen may never be considered the sexiest show on television, but that didn't stop FOX from shamelessly shoehorning busty babes into last week's episode.  For the challenge, the remaining contestants had to teach gorgeous housewives how to cook Gordon Ramsay's famous lobster spaghetti.  Christina won the competition, but the finalists ran into more girl trouble during dinner service when a table of ten Hawaiian Tropics bikini models arrived at the restaurant.  Jean-Philippe slipped into a state of bliss, the challengers fell into a state of panic, and things quickly got out of control.  At the end of the night, Bobby was sent home for screwing things up on the meat station.

Tonight, the final four cook for some very picky moms-to-be, and one contestant is seriously berated for burning Chef Ramsay's hand.

Now that it's down to the final four, Jen is wondering if it's time to start making friends.  She tells Christina that she'll be there for whatever she needs, but Corey is convinced she's faking.  Jen has really burned all her bridges with her fellow contestants, hasn't she?

The chefs meet Ramsay the next day, and he tells them that they'll each be putting together a dish for 80 guests.  Christina starts working on a turkey sandwich with a curry and avocado mixture, Corey does a fancy salmon BLT, Petrozza whips up a Monte Cristo sandwich, and Jen does a special grouper dish.  She thinks that Petrozza's sandwich looks like "a heart attack dipped in a stroke with a side of cardiac arrest."  That's officially my favorite Jen line ever.

With the dishes prepped and ready to go, Ramsay reveals that the diners are pregnant women.  After sampling all the dishes the guests will vote on which is their favorite.  Petrozza easily schmoozes the ladies with his special brand of charm, but Corey offends some of the women when she has to leave to prepare more portions.  After all the votes are tabulated, Ramsay announces that Christina has won by only two votes.  Petrozza was a close second.

Christina gets to go shopping in Beverly Hills with a whopping thousand bucks in her pocket, which should buy her approximately half a dress.  The three losers have to stay behind and clean, as always.  Jen and Corey immediately turn bitchy, claiming that Christina has no style and doesn't deserve the shopping trip.  After Christina admits that she lets her grandmother dress her, I'm inclined to believe them.  While indulging in a fashion montage, Ramsay suggests she let her hair down and take her glasses off, which gives me a total Arrested Development flashback.  Remember when FOX used to air quality comedy shows?

Christina finds herself being ignored when she returns for dinner service, which proves that her fellow competitors are five years old.  They warm up to her shortly before the kitchen opens, putting their petty grievances behind them.  As orders start coming in, Jen and Corey do a surprisingly good job on the appetizers.  It's a smooth start for Hell's Kitchen, but of course it won't last long.

A half-hour into service, Jen starts plating up mushy rice.  I've never made a risotto in my life, but surely it's not that hard to perfect, is it?  Just as Jen pulls things together, Christina hands Ramsay a pot with a flamingly hot handle.  She neglects to warn him about this, so of course he screams at her until she melts into the floor.  She does it one more time, and Jen claims she can smell Ramsay's skin burning across the room.  Mmm, appetizing!

Corey and Christina ask Jen for help frying some eggs, but Jen claims she's far too busy stirring some risotto.  She's not being a team player, but what else is new?  When it comes time to serve up entrées, Corey tries passing off a piece of John Dory she knows is undercooked.  The dish makes it past Ramsay, but the customers didn't order sushi and quickly send it back.  That's the kind of lazy attitude Ramsay shouldn't allow in his kitchen.

Believe it or not, Petrozza's station looks like it was ravaged by starving boars.  Though he may be a pig, he manages to serve up perfect pieces of filet mignon.  The chefs successfully make it through the dinner service without another disaster, but someone has to be placed on the chopping block tonight.

Much to everyone's surprise, Ramsay tells them that the dinner service was extraordinary.  He doesn't even yell or kick anything, which is kind of off-putting.  Despite the warm and fuzzy atmosphere in the kitchen, two chefs have to be put up for elimination.  Of course the challengers are more than happy to throw Jen to the wolves, and they also nominate Corey.  I knew that lazy John Dory move would come back to bite her in the rear.

After allowing both players to plead their cases, Ramsay decides that Jen has finally overstayed her welcome.  She gives up her chef's jacket and leaves the building, much to the delight of her fellow contestants.  Check back tomorrow for our exclusive interview with the outspoken chef.

Next week, Corey, Christina and Petrozza each get a chance to put on Ramsay's pants and try running the kitchen.  Who has what it takes to make it to the finals?

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of FOX)