Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.12 Predictions
You can't always (or even frequently) be right, so of course last week, after I predicted that Christina was most likely to make it to the chopping block on Hell's Kitchen, she wound up not only safe but stellar (at least in comparison to the other chefs).

Bobby, who hadn't really distinguished himself of late, was ushered out the door, and now we are left with four chefs – Christina, Corey, Jen and Petrozza – three gals and a guy, just like the finale of Top Chef 4, come to think of it.

So where does each of the final four stand in the competition?

I'm not exactly batting 1000 with these things, but I do get a sense that despite her recent difficulties, Jen's story could be building towards the final two. Her personality has been abrasive and off-putting at times, but the food that she's made in challenges where she could make her own creation has also consistently gotten the most positive reaction from Ramsay. It's always reality gold to have a showdown between a likable and unlikable contestant in the finale, and Hell's Kitchen doesn't exactly shy away from resorting to reality clichés.

Corey and Christina have both had their ups and downs but have been generally fairly solid.

Corey has probably had fewer moments in the bottom than Christina, but something about the way her story has been edited make me think that she is not going to end up in the final two. She's been portrayed as both abrasive and talented, but not with the high highs and low lows of Jen, so I can't help but think the less-likable spot in the final two would probably be taken by the more incendiary contestant.

Christina has been portrayed as pretty likable throughout the show, and now I am wondering if her recent dip to the bottom of the heap was actually to help build a story arc and drama to bring her to the final two. “She's got the smarts and the personality, but Ramsay wonders if she has enough experience” kind of thing. I could easily see the show building to pit her against the rough and tumble Jen.

As to Petrozza…reality television loves to pit men against women, so maybe he will actually be on his way to the final two as well. But like Corey, it just seems like his story has not had the same kind of high peaks and low valleys that we generally see as we near the finale. Ramsay has made such a stick about his messiness too that it seems unlikely a man so committed to fastidious quality would bring forward a sloppy contestant in the Hell's Kitchen competition.

We'll find out which chefs are still alive and kicking this Tuesday on Hell's Kitchen.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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